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Lest We Forget! Commemorating Vermont's participation in the War of Rebellion.

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4th Vermont Band (Gibson)
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"A Crucial Delay," at Burnside's Bridge (James Hope, 2nd VT)
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6th Vermont Staff, 10/61 (Italo)
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Rutland G.A.R. Post Members (GAR)
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8 Swinyer Brothers Served (People)
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1st Cavalry Monument, Gettysburg (Monuments)

In perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale! - Catullus
For ever and ever, brother, hail and farewell.

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A grassroots project documenting the story of the State's contributions to the war, and what happened to the participants during and after the war. For the purposes of this project, anyone who was born or died in Vermont, regardless of where they served, and anyone who served in a Vermont unit, regardless of where they were born, we consider a Vermonter. To that end, to date we have documented more than 38,450 of Vermont's men and women who participated, on both sides of the war. (more)

Current Projects:

Adding gravestone pictures to our Virtual Cemeteries

Adding obituaries and other articles (see What's New, above)

Addiing pension dates, locations and widows for our soldiers (Vermont units are done).

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What Happened Today, 5 August

08.5.1862The 7th Regiment 'took a conspicuous and highly meritorious part in the battle [of Baton Rouge]... In addition to other losses, it had the great misfortune to lose its beloved and heroic Colonel, George T. Roberts, who died two days later from wounds received while gallantly discharging his duties at the most critical stage of the action.' (Peck)
08.5.1862Colonel George T. Roberts, commanding the 7th Regiment, was mortally wounded at Baton Rouge, LA (Benedict)
08.5.186315th Regiment mustered out at Brattleboro, having lost during service by disease 1 Officer and 80 Enlisted men. Total 81. (Dyer)
08.5.1863USS Commodore Barney was severely damaged by Confederate electric torpedo in the James River above Dutch Gap, Virginia. (NavHist)
08.5.1864Rear Admiral D. G. Farragut's fleet steamed by Forts Morgan and Gaines, through the deadly torpedo field blocking the channel, and into Mobile Bay. In the fierce engagement with the forts and Admiral F. Buchanan's small squadron, Farragut won a victory worthy of his great name. (NavHist)
08.5.1865Acting Ensign Frederick H. Wait, in charge of the US S. Oriole at Mound City, Ill., was ordered to report to Commodore John W. Livingston, commanding Naval Station Mound City, for further orders. (ORN)
08.5.1865Report of Acting Rear Admiral Lee, giving names of officers detached from his squadron included: (ORN)
08.5.1865Acting Volunteer Lieutenant James C. Gipson, USS Exchange, residence: Rochester, Racine County, Wis. (ORN)
08.5.1865Masters Mate Thomas Kennedy, USS Fort Hindman, residence: Philadelphia, Pa., at the corner of Catherine and Third Streets. (ORN)

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