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Jericho GAR Membership, circa 1916

The accompanying cut shows the G.A.R. Hall situated in Jericho, but near the Underhill line, together with a group of Grand Army men. The cost of this building and its fittings has exceeded $3, 000.00, yet it was paid in full quite promptly, due to the energy and enterprise manifested by members of the Post and the Corps. The building also affords the community a hall for various public gatherings, entertainments, etc., a necessity in village life. Decoration Day exercises have been a yearly occurrence since its dedication and even before. The attendance upon these occasions has always been large and enthusiastic, often phenomenal, exceeding all other days and occasions of the entire year. The following write-ups of the Post and the Corps are given in full:


Written by Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer

L. H. Bostwick Post, No. 69, was organized in Underhill, December 12th, 1883, with 43 charter members, who were recruited from Underhill, Jericho, and adjoining towns. Three of this number were transferred from Post 10 in Cambridge. The Post was named for Captain Lucious H. Bostwick, who was b. in Jericho, Sept. 24, 1837, the only son of Julius Hoyt Bostwick, and Christia Chadwick Bostwick. He enlisted as Lieutenant in Co. F, 13th Regiment Vt. Volunteers, Sept. 10th, 1862, and was promoted to Captain in March following. After a few months of faithful service he was stricken with disease, and died in Washington. His body was brought to Vermont, and laid to rest among the green hills which he loved. A fine picture of him was presented to the Post by his sister, Mrs. Mary C. Walton, who also gave a generous sum towards the hall building. The Post is honored in bearing and thus keeping in remembrance the name of such a true man, and honored soldier. The first meeting of the Post was held in the upper room of the Old Academy where they organized with the following officers : L. F. Terrill, Commander; J. J. Monahan, Senior-Vice; W. W. Wheeler, Junior-Vice; A. C. Humphrey, Adjutant; A. W. Terrill, Quartermaster; A. F. Burdick, Surgeon; F. D. Gibson, Chaplin; W. H. Hilton, Officer of the Day; William Burroughs, Officer of the Guard.

Memorial Day and Memorial Sunday services were established and so much interest was manifested in their observance that the towns of Underhill and Jericho each appropriated twenty-five dollars yearly to assist the Post in thus honoring the memory of their comrades who have fallen.

Post meetings were held in the Academy nearly six years, but the desire for a hall of their own was growing, and at a meeting in March, 1889, the advisability of building was discussed and a committee appointed to devise ways and means. This committee consisted of J. J. Monahan, A. C. Humphrey, Victor Lovely, S. A. Hale, and T. S. Whipple. In April this committee called on citizens of that town to ascertain how much outside help could be obtained, and met with a generous response in addition to the amount subscribed by the comrades. The funds were entirely inadequate to the work planned, but the comrades had faith, and they were willing to work, and these qualities helped them to win out. In May, 1889, and association was formed having for its object, "To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of property in the towns of Jericho and Underhill for the benefit of L. H. Bostwick Post, No. 69, and also in their discretion for the benefit of L. H. Bostwick Corps, No. 19, and the association known as George A. Custer Camp, No. 7, Sons of Veterans; also to make and carry into effects such by-laws, rules and regulations as thought proper for the management of the association."

At the May meeting a building committee was appointed consisting of Comrades Morehouse, Burroughs, and Woodruff. Comrade Morehouse was made treasurer and he presented to the Post the land on which the hall was erected, in addition to the land being purchased later. The comrades worked with great energy furnishing both labor and money, and soon the foundation was laid. The building was ready for dedication, Sept. 11th. There were suitable addresses and music, and a fine dinner was served to a large and enthusiastic crowd. There have been many expensive alterations in the hall in the years since its erection, but to the comrades it has been a home all these years. There have been over one hundred names on the Post records since its organization and the following comrades have served as Commander for one or more terms : L. F. Terrill, A. C. Humphrey, George Lasaelle, S. A. Hale, H.H. Paine, Cyrus Prior, T. S. Whipple, J. J. Monahan, W. M. Burroughs, S. M. Palmer, Robert White, D. L. Terrrill and A. F. Burdick.

A beautiful book for personal war sketches was presented to the Post and the Relief Corps, by Thomas W. Thorp and T. S. Whipple, and was accepted for the Post by Comrade A. C. Humphrey at a largely attended camp-fire in the hall.

Comrade Humphrey paid an eloquent tribute to the bravery of the members of the Post, as well as all the soldiers who had borne an honorable part in the service, which made our country once more a united nation, with the Old Flag triumphant. The Post believed that is was not good for a man to be alone, and they early took to themselves a helpmeet in the organization of the Womans' Relief Corps, and these two organizations have worked in harmony to promote fraternity, charity, and loyalty to which they are mutually pledged.

Twelve of the charter members are living but only six of the number are left to sustain meetings. The faithful few who have borne the burden for so many years, are : Amos C. Humphrey, Commander; Dr. A. F. Burdick, Wm. Burroughs, George Laselle, S. M. Palmer, and Robert White. With increasing feebleness and decreasing numbers it was thought best to place their hall property in the hands of the Relief Corps. For the report of this transfer see Relief Corps history.

Number of comrades in the Post 1915 is 17.

State Officers - J. J. Monahan served one year as Judge Advocate. L. F. Terrill represented the State at the National Encampment at San Francisco.

Names of soldiers in the picture on another page.

The first row, seated upon the ground or first step, beginning at the left of the picture. Robert White, M. D. Mead, T. S. Whipple, Robert Bixby, Thomas Preston, William Woodruff, Samuel A. Hale, Simeon M. Palmer, James Carroll, Loyal Remington, P. S. Bullock.

Second row seated upon the steps: Mathew Tierney, A. C. Humphrey, Rev. Edwin Wheelock, S. S. Brigham, also Captain; Lewis Tatro, George W. Tubbs, Horace Ellsworth, Andrew McGee, Henry Chase, Calvin Putnam, Visiting Comrade, Barney Mattimore, Newell Clark, John Cummings.

Third row standing: L. F. Terrill, A. W. Edwards, Visiting Comrade, Marcus Hoskins, Dr. A. F. Burdick, J. M. Carpenter, John Jackson, Bliss Atchinson, Victor Plant, George W. Batchelder, G. C. Bicknell, Fred A. Fuller, George Laselle, Hobart Goodwin, Eugene Wells, H. H. Paine, J. J. Monahan.


By Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer

L. H. Bostwick Relief Corps, No. 19, was organized as an auxiliary to the Post March 15th, 1886, with twenty-one charter members. Its first officers were Susie A. Terrill, President; Mary C. Burdick, Senior Vice-President; Helen S. Humphrey, Junior-Vice; Hattie L. Palmer, Secretary; Maria C. Laselle, Treasurer; Helen Wright, Chaplin; Lucy J. Prior, Conductor; Amanda McDaniels, Guard.

The Corps began their work with energy and enthusiasm and by way of entertainments and suppers rendered much assistance to the Post. The Post was presented with a beautiful silk flag, costing sixty-five dollars; their presentation being made by Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer, in the park on Memorial Day.

In the autumn of 1889, the Corps held a Fair which was a wonderful success. After the payment of all bills, the sum of three hundred dollars was paid on the hall. Within two years after this payment, the sum of one hundred dollars was paid at one time and later eighty dollars. The Corps have turned over to the Post seven hundred and forty dollars besides purchasing an organ at eighty dollars, and a piano at three hundred dollars and paying for same for use of the hall. They have furnished their rooms with dining tables, table linen, crockery and silverware sufficient to seat seventy-five people at once. They also paid for blinds for the entire hall. During all these years of service they have responded to many outside calls for aid. Several boxes have been sent to the Soldiers' Home and the calls from Department and National Officers have been met with as generous response as finances and home needs would allow.

The Corps invested sixty dollars in the book for Personal Sketches of Post Members. The Corps which at first made up entirely of soldiers' relatives, admitted to its membership later, loyal women who desired to aid in out work, and we acknowledge hereby our great indebtedness to them.

When older members have grown weary. They have taken much of the burden and responsibility and greatly aided in the work accomplished. On December 12th, 1908, the Post observed its 25th anniversary at the hall. An excellent program consisting of readings, recitations and music was prepared and carried out by the Corps who got up the entertainment, and a fine silk flag was presented by Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer. Commander Humphrey accepted the flag for the Post and expressed their appreciation of the many kind deeds of their auxiliary, which had given them so many happy days and memories. A fine dinner was served to Post, Corps and invited guests. Of the charter members, seven are living, five of the number being still members of the Corps, only three of these are in the active work of the Corps. They are Mrs. Maria C. Lasalle, Mrs. Helen S. Humphrey, Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer. Following are members who have served one or more terms as president : Mrs. Susie A. Terrill, Maria C. Laselle, Adelia A. Whipple, Helen S. Humphrey, Mary C. Burdick, Hattie L. Palmer, Ella E. Tillison, Mary C. Hale, Medora Schweig, Ruth Sinclair, and Mrs. Dora A. Knight who is the present incumbent. In the Autumn of 1914 a meeting of Post and Corps was held, and it was proposed to place the hall property in the hands of the Corps. By the advice of their attorney, articles of association were drawn up for this purpose : "To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of property for the benefit of L. H. Bostwick Corps, No. 19. By-laws, rules and regulations for the governing of said association were also drawn up and we were duly incorporated under the laws of the State. The property was deeded to the Corps November 24th, 1914." A complimentary reception and dinner was given the Post January 1st, which was largely attended. Exercises suitable for the occasion were well carried out including a testimonial in the Corps in giving to their care Grand Army Hall.

Number of members in good standing, forty-eight.


Hattie L. Palmer served as senior vice-president one year. Was elected State President and served one term; Mrs. Dora A. Knight served as State Secretary; Mrs. Edith C. Colgrove served as State Treasurer.


Mrs. Dora A. Knight, President; Mrs. Medora Schweig, Senior Vice; Mrs. Sarah Ellsworth, Junior Vice; Mrs. Elnor Clark, Secretary; Mrs. Edith Cosgrove, Treasurer; Mrs. Rennie Chase, Conductor; Mrs. Lois Rogers, Assistant Conductor; Mrs. M. C. Hale, Press Correspondent; Mrs. Hattie L. Palmer, Patriotic Instructor; Mrs. Helen S. Humphrey, Chaplin; Mrs. Clara Bartlett, Guard; Mrs. Annie Gallup, Assistant; Mrs. Clara Bennett, Mrs. Ella E. Tillson, Mrs. Lena Gaines, Mrs. Ursula Scribner, Color Bearers.

Jericho GAR building today

What the GAR Hall looked like in 2003.

Source: Chauncey H. Hayden, Luther C. Stevens, LaFayette Wilbur and Rev. S. H. Barnum, editors, The History of Jericho Vermont The Free Press Printing Co., Printers and Binders, Burlington, Vt., 1916), p. 305-309.