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Identification Tags

Our largest collection of identification tags can be found in the John Gibson collection

Another significant number of id disks are in the Collection of the late Carl E. Braun

ID Disk of Charles Gilbert Sheldon ID Disk of Charles Gilbert Sheldon

ID Disk of Charles Gilbert Sheldon, Company E, Fifth Vermont Volunteer Infantry.

"Sorry, but the government did not issue dog tags during the Civil War!" Rose Sheldon Newton was told by antique dealers when she tried to get an assessment of her great-grandfather's gold-colored disk. After logging many miles and many hours searching, she finally found a dealer near Atlanta, Georgia who recognized it, an article by Wendall Lang, Jr., in "North-South Trader's Civil War Magazine," Volume XV, No. 6, Sept-Oct 1988 describing the disk of another Vermonter, (J. F. Cook, Co. I, 3rd Vermont, Saxony, Germany), and a pretty detailed history of her great-grandfather's military career in his service and pension records from the National Archives. All from a little gold-colored disk that didn't exist!

Rose wrote an article about the discovery and identification of her great-grandfather's disk for the May/June 1992 edition of "Heritage Quest," which we will attempt to obtain permission to reproduce on the website.

See also, Charles' photograph and a letter from his time in hospital.

ID Disk of Martin Goodno

ID Disk of Private Martin Goodno,
Company I, Eleventh Vermont Voluntary Infantry.

Courtesy of the Italo Collection.

ID Disk of Edwin Morris Turner

ID Disk of Private Edwin Morris Turner, Second Vermont Volunteer Infantry. Edwin Turner was born in Duxbury in July 1839. He was the son of Samuel C. Turner and Almira Munson. He enlisted on May 7th, 1861 and was mustered into service on June 20th, 1861. He was mustered out of service on 19 June 1864, after serving for three years. He married Martha Griffith on December 25th, 1864. They had a son, Edwin M. Turner Jr., on August 5th, 1865. Edwin Turner (Sr.) died on March 2nd, 1867. He is buried in Duxbury, Vermont. Although I am not related to Edwin Turner, this ID Disk has been passed down in my family for generations. Provided by Peter Flood, great grandson of 1st. Lt. Jerome B. Hatch.

See also Horace Gardner's id disk, 13th Vermont Infantry, a unique coin with the inscription "For Mary," on it.

See also an id disk of Horace C. Ballou, Co. F, 2nd Vermont Infantry, on "Mike's Civil War Page."

A Short History of Identification Tags, from the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum.