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Vermont State Papers
Volume 81, page 12

Adopted by the Legislature of Tennessee

Resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That this General Assembly has heard with profund regret of the resolutions recently adopted by the State of New York, tendering men and money to the President of the United States, to be used in coercing certain sovereign States of the South into obedience to the Federal Government.

Resolved, That this General Assembly receives the action of the Legislature of New York as the indication of a purpose upon the part of the people of that State to further complicate existing difficulties, by forcing the people of the South to the extremity of submission or resistance, and so regarding it, the Governmor of the State of Tennessee is hereby requested to inform the Executive of the State of New York, that it is the opinion of this General Assembly that whenever the authorities of that State shall send armed forces to the South for the purpose indicated in said resolutions, the people of Tennessee, uniting with their brethren of the South, will, as one man, resist such invasion of the soil of the South at all hazards to the last extremity.

Speaker of the House of Representatives
Speaker of the Senate

Adopted, January 18, 1861.

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