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Vermont State Papers

Volume 81, page 29

Burlington, Apr 30, 1861

Dear Sir,

I am requested to write you & make some inquiries respecting the appointment of Nurses for the Army - In the regiments now ordered out, are many young men from the families of? most respectable citizens both here and in St. Albans; whose parents are very anxious for their care in case of sickness, & are desirous that some Ladies should accompany the Regiment from this place -- Two or Three most estimable ladies have offered themselves & are anxious to serve their country & relieve the suffering of our soldiers as may necessary? - One of these has a husband who is a member of the Company which goes from here D. Lewis, & another is a sister of the Capt. & another a grand-daughter of Bishop Hopkins who has natural talent & inclinations for this kind of service, and in that is a talented lady-

Having been absent from Vermont most of the time for the last month, I hardly know what Legislature has done -

To give proper dignity, character & respect to the position, it would be deemable that these Ladies receive a regular appointment from some authoritative power - Will you inform me from whence this is to come - what steps are necessary to be taken by the applicants & what provision, if any, has been made for the support & compensation of Nurses & such further information as will enable me to receive the literature? for these Ladies -

Much interest is felt here by the friends of the young men who are to go, that these Ladies would accompany them -

An early reply will much oblige?

Your most? respect?,
& Truly

Tho. A. Canfield

To His Excellency
Erastus Fairbanks
St. Johnsbury Vt