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Vermont State Papers

Volume 81, page 9

New Britain, Conn. Sept. 7 1857

Hon. Erastus Fairbanks

My Dear sir.

Herewith I send you a couple of Cleveland papers, giving some account of the proceedings of the Emancipation Convention. it was indeed a very interesting and important meeting and I am persuaded that a movement has been inaugurated which will grow in powers until slavery is peacefully extinguished on American Soil. An excellent brotherly spirit pervaded the discussions. All were agreed on the great central principle of National and national compensation. At the close of the Convention, a National Society was organized, to carry forward the movement without any suspensions of effort. It was felt to be of the greatest importance that god and true men, of different professions and positions, of every state in the Union, if practicable, should be invited to taken an official connection with the Society, that their names might inspire the public mind that its operations should be conducted with prudence & discretion, and in the right spirit. We ventured to choose you, as the Vice-President for Vermont; and most earnestly hope that you will consent to accept the post, at least, for the first year. It will devolve no duty or labor upon you that you will feel to be in the slightest degree onerous. We hope it will connect you with the movement by a new tie of interest and sympathy. Your name will be very helpful, and, associated with the array of names which the board of Vice Presidents now present, with greatly serve to impress the country with the gravity and dignity of this movement. Hoping to be able soon to be able to record your acceptance,

I am most Respectfully yours,
Elihu Burritt

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