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Each Vermont Civil War infantry, cavalry and sharpshooter company and artillery battery had at least one, frequently two musicians, a fifer or a bugler and a drummer. Each cavalry company had at least one, frequently two, usually buglers or trumpeters. In addition to these, each regiment had one or two senior musicians, called Principal Musician or Chief Bugler.

In addition, at the beginning of the war, the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth infantry regiments had separate bands, consisting of 21 to 24 members each.

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Benedict's "Vermont in the Civil War" refences bands in Chapter 5 (p. 65), Chapter 6 (p. 100), Chapter 7 (p. 129), Chapter 22 (p. 83), Chapter 25 (pp. 350, 389), Chapter 26 (pp. 420, 426-27), and Chapter 28 (p. 542).

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Musicians with Biographies

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