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"There shall be allowed to each regiment one chaplain appointed by the regimental commander on vote of the field-officers and company commanders . . . who shall be a regularly ordained minister of some Christian denomination." (War Department Order, May 4, 1861).

As of 31 January 2013, more than 600 soldiers indicated religious denominations in their biogaphies and obituaries onsite, breaking down as follows: 173 Congregationalists, 139 Methodists, 107 Baptists, 73 Episcopalians, 59 Universalists, 30 Catholics, 14 Presbyterians, 10 Unitarians, and 1 Christian Scientist, a pretty good mix.

We have been able to identify the denomination of 50 of the 52 known chaplains: 19 Congregationalists, 9 Episcopalians, 9 Methodist/Methodist-Episcopal, 5 Baptists, 4 Presbyterians, 2 Universalists, and 1 Unitarian.

We have identified 56 Chaplains who served, credited to or born in Vermont (including ministers who were hospital chaplains or served with the Christian Commission).

Ames, Lyman Daniel; 29th OH INF
Bagley, William H.; 35th IA INF
Barton, Frederick A.; 10th MA INF
Bayne, Thomas; 8th VT INF
Beaudry, Louis Napoleon; 5th NY CAV
Benson, Homer Henry; 10th WI INF
Blake, Isaac; 8th VT INF, 75th USCI, 3rd LA NATIVE GDS
Blodgett, Gaius Mills; USA
Bogart, William Edgar; 11th VT INF, 179th NY INF
Bradford, James Henry; 12th CT INF
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond; 12th VT INF
Brockway, William Hadley; 16th MI INF
Camp, Norman William; USV
Cargill, John D.; 5th VT INF
Cummings, Ephraim Chamberlain; 15th VT INF
Dayton, Durrell William; 2nd VT INF
Dickinson, Lucius C.; 9th VT INF
Flanders, Alonzo Buck; 4th RI INF
Frost, Henry Martyn; 7th VT INF
Gibson, William J.; 54th PA INF
Goodrich, John Ellsworth; 1st VT CAV
Hagar, Charles L.; 118th NY INF
Hale, Charles Stuart; 5th VT INF
Hammond, Philip D.; 35th IL INF
Haynes, Edwin Mortimer; 10th VT INF
Hersey, Harvey R.; 17th ME INF
Hibbard, Oliver Davison; 64th NY INF
Hopkins, William Cyprian; 7th VT INF
Kimball, John; USCC
Little, Arthur; 11th VT INF
Mack, Daniel A.; 3rd VT INF
Manly, Ralza Morse; 16th NH INF, 1st US CCAV
Morrill, Stephen S.; USV
Olmsted, Franklin White; USV
Parmalee, Moses Payson; 3rd VT INF
Perry, John Buckley; 10th VT INF
Plimpton, Salem M.; 4th VT INF
Randall, Edward Herbert; 13th VT INF
Roberts, John Lord; 4th VT INF
Sargent, Joseph; 13th VT INF
Shepherd, Jonathan Avery; CSA Chaplain
Simons, Volney M.; 5th VT INF
Smart, William Stevenson; 14th VT INF
Smith, Claudius B.; 2nd VT INF
Stone, Edward Payson; 6th VT INF
Stone, Levi Huntoon; 1st VT INF
Symes, John Henderson; 2nd MD INF
Topliff, Oliver William; 99th IL INF
Townsend, Micajah; 7th VT INF
Webster, Alonzo; 6th VT INF, 16th VT INF
Webster, Harvey; 6th VT INF
Whitney, Leonard; 11th IL CAV
Williams, Francis C.; 8th VT INF
Winchester, Warren Weaver; US Chaplain
Winslow, Gordon Hubbard; 5th NY INF, USSC
Woodward, John Hills; 1st VT CAV

Head Quarters
Fifth Vt. Vols.,
2nd Brig. 2nd Div. 6th Corps
April 30th 1864

W.G. Davenport,
Lieut. & Acting Adjutant
Fifth Vt. Vols.

In compliance with Enc. Orders, No. 188, War Dept. 1864, I have the honor to report that, the Office of Evening Prayer according to the usage of the Prot. Epis. Church in the U.S. of America is regularly celebrated in this regiment every Sunday. The attendance upon divine worship, though voluntary, is good. There has been a marked improvement in the moral and religious tone of this command since the beginning of the present year. Wednesday, April 13th, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism was administered to one candidate.

I am, Sir, your obt. servt.
Chas. J. Hale
Chaplain 5th Vt. Vols.


Head Quarters
Fifth Vt. Vols.,
2nd Brig. 2nd Div. 6th Corps
June 30th, 1864

R. C. Benton,
Lieut. & Acting Adjutant

In the month of June, 1864, I have the honor to report as follows:- I have been present for duty. On account of the movements incident to an active campaign, it has been impossible to hold regular religious services. I have rendered such assistance as was in my power to the inmates of the hospitals of this corps, and especially to the sick and wounded from my own regiment. It is my intention to resume the regular course of religious instruction so soon as the circumstances of the command will permit.
Respectfully your obt. servt.
Chas. J. Hale
Chaplain 5th Vt. Vols

Source: National Archives and Records Administration Series M619. Letters received by the Adjutant General's Office, 1860-70, during and after the Civil War period.), sited on, 2/2/2013.

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