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Local Intelligence
A Praiseworthy Effort.

A letter was received in this village on Friday evening last, from Capt. Addison Brown of Company F, 4th Vermont Regiment, in which he stated that the men under his command, especially the sick, were suffering from the severity of the weather, and desired a contribution of comforters and blankets for their relief. The intelligence was quickly circulated, and before twenty-four hours had elapsed, 150 of the needed articles had been collected, together with any other things for the comfort of the sick.

This incident speaks for itself in praise of the warm hearted and patriotic ladies of Brattleboro. Many thanks are due to the generous donors, and to those who assisted so heartily in the collection of gifts. They will be rewarded by the blessings of our brave fellows in Virginia.

Many an heirloom, descended from the grandmother who took so much pride in her heavy warm bed-spread, went on its errand of kindness and mercy. One of these we understand has seen service before in the memorable "Shays Rebellion." Some ladies took the blankets from their own beds, one saying she would be willing to go both cold and hungry herself, if by so doing she could help those who are engaged in the service of their country. We subjoin a complete list of the articles contributed.

They have been carefully packed, and by direction of General Davis forwarded at the expense of the State, and when they reach their destination, will be distributed among both of the Brattleboro Companies. The friends of Company F will be glad to learn that notwithstanding the sickness which has prevailed among its members, no deaths have occurred, and we doubt not this timely aid will be the means of preserving both life and health. This list of articles thus hastily extemporized is as follows:

135 comfortables; 31 blankets; 5 shawls; 4 dressing gowns; 15 pr socks; 1 pr overshoes; 4 under shits; 9 bed ticks; 4 bundles old linen; 2 bundles books and papers; 2 jars dried fruit; 2 coats; 2 pr sheets; 4 pillows; 2 pr slippers; 2 pr pillow cases; 1 pr leather leggins; 6 vests; 1 box toilet soap.

It will be observed that these contributions are outside of all that had been done and is still doing by the Soldiers' Aid Society. In view of all this we shall insist that the ladies of Brattleboro are not one whit behind those of any other town in the State or nation, in patriotic devotion to their country and liberality to its defenders.

Vermont Phoenix, December 12, 1861, page 2, column 4.