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This gallery of the virtual museum contains several collections of photographs, most on this site, but a few on other sites, and a listing of photographs known to be at certain repositories. NOTE: This listing does not mean we have the photographs, only that we know where they are.

It also contains public repositories known to include photographs of Vermont soldiers. There are a number of repositories of engravings, illustrations, and photographs of Civil War soldiers around the country. This project will attempt to locate these repositories, list the names and units of the Vermont soldiers in each collection, and provide information on how, if possible, to obtain copies of those pictures.

The units files below currently contain, in alphabetical order by surname, over 600 photographs held by the U.S. Army Military History Institute, 1,000+ photographs from the Vermont Historical Society which are now on this site, a list of the 400+ photographs contained in the 13th Infantry regimental history, and several hundred photographs in the private collections of Dennis Charles, John Gibson, Ed Italo, Dewey Jones, and a number of smaller collections or family photographs. You can also search for an individual from the menu on the left.

Artillery -- Cavalry -- USSS -- 1st Inf. -- 2nd Inf. -- 3rd Inf. -- 4th Inf. -- 5th Inf. -- 6th Inf. -- 7th Inf. -- 8th Inf. -- 9th Inf. -- 10th Inf. -- 11th Inf. -- 12th Inf. -- 13th Inf. -- 14th Inf. -- 15th Inf. -- 16th Inf. -- 17th Inf.

The Bailey-Howe Library, University of Vermont, has a significant collection as well (and possibly Middlebury College and Norwich University. We are hoping to obtain listings of these photographs in the near future. There are most likely other repositories, which we will attempt to identify.

We will attempt to identify as many repositories as possible. We will not list or recommend commercial operations that locate and obtain copies of photographs for a profit. Nor will we search for individual photographs for people. We can only do so much, and feel identifying the resources is a significant enough contribution.

In his 1892 Report, the Vermont Adjutant & Inspector General posted a list, Photographs of Vermont Officers Wanted For Regimental Frame at State House. It is not known if this was a list of officers still known to be alive. The historical society has gratiously given us copies of these photographs as mentioned above.