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Recruiting and Recruiters

No phone calls, television, radio ads or junk mail, but broadsides, posters and advertisements in the local newspapers. That is how the Green Mountain Boys of the Nineteenth Century were recruited.

12th US Infantry Recruiting Poster

Draft/Recruiting/Militia - AG63

Recruiting (1862)

Recruiting in Southern States (1864)

Recruiting Officers, Instructions (1863)

Recruiting Poster, 10th Infantry

Recruiting Poster, 1st Cavalry

Recruiting Poster, 2nd Brigade

Recruiting Poster, Sharpshooters

Recruiting Service (1864)

Recruiting Service (1865)

Recruiting System, December 7, 1864 (1865)

Recruiting The Nine Months' Regiments (1862)

Recruiting The Nine Months' Regiments (continued) - AG62

Trull, Daniel N., recruiting officer