One Man Killed, And Thirty Injured


The "Owl Train" met with a dreadful accident Tuesday morning, two miles north of Dummerston station, a short distance south Of Murder Hollow Brook. The road at this point passes through a cut in a small hill, having just made a sharp curve, and here a heavy rain during the night has loosened a mass of earth which had slid upon the track. The train was about an hour late and running at good speed. The curve in the road prevented the engineer from seeing the slide and the train rushed through it. The engine and baggage car were not thrown from the tracks, but the shock broke the coupling between them and the two following cars--- a passenger and a sleeping car---which at once thrown from the track, and after running some ten rods from the slide were both thrown out into water five feet deep and landed right side up, with one end pointing toward the bank. The other car was plunged lengthwise into the water just at the edge.

The passenger car was crowded with soldiers and civilians, a detachment of 25 men mostly belonging to the 10th Vermont, being onboard on their way from the hospital at Montpelier to be mustered out at Brattleboro, in charge of Sergt. Warren E. Bliss, 1st Bat. Vet. Res. One of them was taken out of the car dead, as it appeared, from drowning, he probably being stunned at first. No one in the car escaped injury of some kind, but it is thought all were recovered from the wreck, though there is rumors that one man is still missing.

Conductor Bruce jumped from the train and escaped with several strains. Col. Meade of the 8th Vt. Was considerably injured. Superintendent Calhoun, of the Shore Line ( from New Haven to New London) escaped with sprained ankle and some bruises. We visited the scene of the disaster and obtained the following news of those most severely injured:

Helen M. Woodard of Montreal, going to Greenfield, scalp and thigh bruised:
Mrs. A.C. Phelps of Canada East, spine badly injured:
Mrs. Mary Ashly and little boy, of Canada East, the woman bruised and the boy having a severe contusion of the brain.
Annie M. Leech of Montreal, going to Chicopee, badly bruised:
Edwin B. Thayer, West Randolph, Vermont, head bruised and mind was wandering:
Joseph N. Calhoun, 10th Vermont, thigh fractured:
D.M. Woods, 1st Va. Cav., collar bone broken:
The man who was killed is supposed to be Geo. R. Grant, Co. B., 8th Vt.
Sergeant Bliss had his head badly cut and his side lamed.

Submitted By: Deanna French.