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List of paroled prisoners-Death in Rebel prisons, etc. Washington D.C., March 16, 1865

Webmaster's Note: Camp Sumter, referenced frequently in the following lists, is the prison more commonly known as Andersonville, which was the name of the town where the prison was.
Editor Of Rutland Herald: I enclose a list of paroled prisoners who arrived recently at Annapolis, and Camp Parole, but are not yet declared exchanged. Officers and men will receive furloughs for thirty days and two months pay, etc. Please publish the list in your paper
Respectfully Yours,
Frank F. Holbrook
Col. and Vt. Military Commis’r.

[The figures before the name denotes dates when the paroled were received; the figure and letter immediately after the name, the regiment (Vermont) and company to which each soldier belonged, and the date and name of the place following the time and place when and where each was taken by the rebels.].


MARCH 5, Captain Howard Chapin, 4, C, June 23, 1864.

" Captain C. W. Bontin, 4 B, June 23, 1864.

" 1st Lieut. C. W. Carr, 4 F. June 23, 1864.

" 1st Lieut. James Gallagher. 4 A, June 23, 1864.

" Lieut. J. B. Needham, 4 H, June 23, 1864.

" Capt. R. Schofield, 1st cav F, July 12.

" 1st Lieut. W. C. Holman 9 G, Feb. 3.

MARCH 7, Major John E. Pratt, 4, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. L. W. Fisher, 4, D, June 23.

" 1st Lieut. George Ross, 7, B, Feb. 9.

" 2d Lieut. W. Pierce, 17, D, July 30.

" 1st Lieut. Horace French. 3, D, June 23.

" Major Chas. K. Fleming, 11, June 23.

" 1st Lieut., L. S. Richards, 11, A, June 23.

" 1st Lieut, Henry A. Chase, 11, E, June 23.

" 1st Lieut. Asa D. Matthews, 11, F, June 23.

" 1st Lieut. Amherst Morse, 11, K, June 23.

" 2d Lieut., Moses R. Sargent, 11, F, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. Edwin B. Smith, 11, F, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. Eli R. Hart, 11, H, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. E. J. McWain, 11, H, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. J. S. Drenan, 11, L, June 23.

" 2d Lieut. Edward B. Parker, 11, B, died Oct. 7, 1864 at Columbia, S.C.


MARCH 9, Private Vanness Lilley, 3 E, August 13.

" Wag’r. Carlos M. McNab, 8 C. August 13.

" Jonathan Newsome, 3 I, April 7.

" Andrew V. Turner, 10 E, October 19.

" Lewis Fisher, 10 I, June 1.

H. B. Pettingill, 1st cavalry, I, July 6.

" Corp. Chas. C. Hoyt, 1st cavalry, June 29.

" S. H. Mitchell, 1st cavalry A, June 29.

" Sergt. Wm. A. Donoldson, 11 K, June 23.

" Hiall B. Simpson, 17 D, September 30.

MARCH 7 Henry P. Chase, 9 H., June 23.

" Sergt. Major James Gallagher, 4, June 23.

" John Liefield, 11, C, May 16.

" Sergt. S. A. Mallory, 4 E, June 23.

" Franklin Oaks 4 E, June 23.

" Chas. Romney, 4 K, June 23.

" Henry Provo, 11 K, June 23.

" Julius H. Marvin, 5 C, May 8.

" Sergt. Freeman D. Nason, 17 G, Sept 30.

" Levi Taft, 1st cavalry, A, June 29.

March 1, Mus. Gilbert Buckland, 1st cavalry, A, June 29.

Feb'y 8, Edward Bertrand, 17, B, September 30.

" John J. Hurley, 17, D, September 30.

" W. A. Howard, 17, D, September 30.

" Thomas O’Brien, 10, D, July 9.

FEB’Y 24 Sergt. Chas. D McCurrie, 10, E, July 9.

" Joseph M. Calhoon, 10, K, July 9.

" Michael Cavanaugh, 10, I, July 9.

" William W, Garvin 10, I, July 9.

" 1st Sergt. Walter Graham 10, E, July 9.

" Peter Fountain, 10, F, July 9.

" Adelbert, 10, H, July 9.

" J. H. Lundeville, 10, K, July 9,.

" Joseph Lander, 10, D, July 9.

" James Morgan, 10, D, July 9.

" John Monteish, 10, F, July 9.

" Corp. John A. Stafford, 10, E, July 9.

" Thomas Cassidy, 1st cavalry, D, Oct. 7.

" Alexander Hall, 1st cavalry, A. Oct. 7.

" Sergt. W. H. Daniels, 1st cavalry, I, Nov. 6.

" Albert A. Kimball, 1st cavalry, E, June 29.

" Samuel Hadley 9, C, October 18.

Feb’y 28, John Grant, 9, B, Feb. 2.

Feb’y 24, William W. Kimball, 11, D, July 21.

" Rodney Mc Gookin, 11. F, Aug. 6.

Feb’y 28, Sergt. William T. Ranger, 11, F, June 23.

" Sergt. Cas. A. Watson, 17, E. Sept. 30.

Feb’y 24, Lewis Miner, 17, A, July 30.

" Charles Rivet. 17, F, July 30.

" Wm. Morris, 2, F, July 21.

" Geo. Sillcox, 8, E, July 21.

" Chas, F. McGee, 10, F, July 21.

" John Maguire, 1st cavalry, H, July 25.

" Alvin Stewart, 1st cavalry. D, Oct 7.

" Sergt. Samuel E. Stevens, 1st cavalry, M, Oct. 7.

" Corp. Lewis R. Titus, 8, C, June 20.


March 11 Corp John Duling 8, F. Oct 19 Cedar Creek. From St. Albans.

" George Parker, 12 U. S. Inf., G. Aug. 19. Weldon R. R. From Burlington.

" Wm. Parker, 12 U. S. Inf., H, Aug. 19, Weldon R. R. from Burlington.

" Frank Baslow, 17. H. Sept. 30, Petersburg. From Lincoln.

March 9, James Guthrie, 1st U. S. sharp shooters, F, May 5, Wilderness, From Ryegate.

March 10, Corp. Wyman C. Mason, 11, L, Wilderness, From Minneapolis, Minn.

" Wm. J. Langshorn, 1st cavalry, A, July 2, Stony Creek. From Colchester.

" Lewis Merrill, 11, L, June 23, Petersburg. From St. Johnsbury.

" Sergt. Joseph M. Adson. 4, I, June 23, Petersburg.

" Corp. Edwin Shumway. 4, I, Petersburg. From Londonderry.

" Corp. M. H. Cook, 1st cavalry, F, March 1, Ashland, Va. From Westminster.

" George Snyder, 2d battery.

March 11, George W. Porter, 10, I, July 9, Manassas, From Cabot.


Corporal John Duling, Co F., 8th Vermont, reports that Private Thos Henchy, Co. F, died at Salisbury, N.C.; Corp. Nathan Jay, Co. C. died in November, in Salisbury, N.C.; Wag'r --- Maxham, Co. E, died in February, at Salisbury, N.C. Orderly Sergeant E. B. Wright, Co. F. enlisted last November with the rebels; Sergt --- Staples, Co. E., enlisted in February with the rebels; Provate Wm. Rowley, Co. F. in February with the rebels.

Private Wm. Parker, Co. H., 12th U. S. Infantry, reports that Private Jesse Robar, Co. G, was left at Libby prison.

Private Frank Barlow, Co. H. 7ty Regiment, reports that 39 of his regiment were captured with him.

Sergt. J. M. Adson and Corp. E. R. Shumway, both of Co. I, 4th Vt., report that privates Marcus Howard, Co. I, died at Millen, Ga. --- Thompson, Co. I., died at Andersonville, Ga.

Private Geo. W. Porter, Co. I. 10th Vt., reports that Leander Davis, Co. K, died aboard the cars at Danville. --- Brooks, 10th regiment, died at Danville.


March 4 private Geo. Sherman. 11 K, June 23, Petersburg.

Henry Howard, 17 D, Sept. 30, Weldon R. R. ; From West Randolph, Vt.

6, Corp. W. P. Hepworth. 11 H, June 23 Petersburg, From Stockbridge, Vt.

10, private C. Richardson, 17 B, Sept. 30, Weldon R.R., From Jericho, Vt.

" private Zeb. Mitchell, 8 A, Oct. 19, Cedar Creek, From Burlington, Vt.

" corp. Stephen Caleb, 8 A, do. From Wolcott, Vt.

October 19, corp. W. G. McClintock, 17 C, Wardmaster at 2d Division. Reports priv. Edward Carter, Co. C, died on the 15th at Richmond, Va.

Corp. M. H. Cook, Co. F, 1st Cav., reports that privates Julius Cunningham, Co. F, died at Andersonville. John Bathrick, Co. F. died at Andersonville. Henry Spaulding, Co. F, died at Andersonville. Reemit Drew, Co. M, died at Andersonville, and 11 of his company were captured with him.



MARCH 11, private Alex G. Allen, 17 F, Sept. 30, Fort McRae. From Brattleboro, Vt.

" Sergt C. A. Brackett, 17 E, do. From Antrim, N.H.

" Priv. Carter Houston, 17 do. From Royalton, Vt.

" Priv. William Wilkins, 7 B, Point Washington, Fla. From Clarendon, Vt.

" Corp. Seymour N. Coles, 8 G, Oct. 19, Cedar Creek. From Johnson, Vt.

" 1st Sergt. Napoleon Potwin, 8 C. Do.

" Priv. Methias Nero, 5 F, Do. From Vergennes, Vt.

9, priv. A. Warner, 10 E, Oct 19, Cedar Creek.

13, Corp. Jno A. Davison, 8 B, do. From Island Pond.

11, Corp. Luther Eames, 4 I, June 25, Petersburg, From Whitingham, Vt.

priv. Otis H. Pike. 4 I, do. From Somerset, Vt.

" priv. L. N. Cummings, 4 I, do.

" " Adam H. Knapp, 4 A,. Do.

" " Frank Glazier, 4 K, do. From Northfield, Vt.

" priv. Michael Tierway, 4 K, do. From Stockbridge, Vt.

12, priv. Asher Burbank, 4 A, do.

11 " Andrew Boudry, 11 L, do. From Rutland, Vt.

" priv. Nelson Provo, 11 K, do. From Fairfax, Vt.

13. priv. James M. Babcock, 11 H, do. From Hartland, Vt.

11 priv. W, C. Robbins, 2 D, May 10, Spotsylvania. Ct. House, From Woodbury, Vt.

" priv. Wm. L. Moulton, 10 K, June 1, Coal Harbor.

12 Seymour Kneeland, 1st Cav. C, Dec. 19, Woodstock, Va. From Waitsfield, Vt.

" priv. Orange L. Hammond, 1 Cav. C, Oct 17, Mt. Jackson, From Troy, Vt.

10. Sergt. Paul N. Thomson, 1 U.S.S.S., May 5, Wilderness, From No. Ferrisburg, Vt.

13. priv. Oliver S. Vanderhoff, 2 K, do. From Addison.

11 priv. Daniel Prince, 8 A, Sept 4, Charlestown, Va. From Johnson.

13 Frank Lavely. 17 E, Sept. 30, Petersburg, From Colchester.

" John Kelley. 17 E, Sept. 30, do. From Burlington.

" George Taylor, 17 D, do. From Middlebury.

" James Cussick, 17 A, do. From Burlington.

" Michael Graham, 17 A, do.

" Benj. Herran, 4 E, do. From Montgomery.

" Corp. Wm. C. Cutler, 7 C, June 2, Bermuda Hundreds.

13. priv. Geo. A. Hord, 5 E, Oct. 19. Cedar Creek.

" Corp. Henry B. Wheeler, 8 F, do. From North Hero.

" Sergt. Hebron Ellsworth, 8 F, do. From Johnson.

" priv. John Carroll, Cav. F June 1. Ashland, Va., From Vernon.

" Wm. Malcolm, 1 Cav. M, June 27, Petersburg.

March 13, Sergt. Edwin Barnard, 7 B., Feb. 9, Point Washington, Fla., From Pittsford, Vt.,
March 13, priv. Merritt White, 3d, H., May 30, Petersburg,
Sgt. Paul M. Thompson. Co. F., USSS, reports that Priv. Wm. Wells, Co. F died at Florence, S.C. in September.
Private Carter Houston, Co. D. 17th reports that John F. Morrill, 8. G. gied at Greensboro, N. C., Feb. 22, aboard the cars.

Private Wm. Wilkins, Co. B. 7th, reports 13 men captured with him and the following, viz., Private Henry Stokes, C. B. supposed to have died at a hospital at Florence, S.C.; Private Harrison Combs supposed died at Camp Sumter.

Private Otis H. Pike, Co. I, 4th Vt., reports that private Marvin Howard, Co. I, died at Millen, Ga.; private Stephen Nelson, Co. I, died at Camp Sumter; private Norman Pike, Co. I, died at Camp Sumter; private _____ Thompson, Co. I, died at Camp Sumter.

Serg't. C. A. Brackett, Co. E. 17th, Vt, reports 36 men captured with him and that;.

L. Godfrey, died Oct. 20 at Salisbury.

Oliver Keyser, A, died Nov. 20, ".

E. Townsend, C, died Nov. 29. ".

E. Rowell, I, died Dec. 8, ".

O. Pixley, Co. K, died Dec. 13, ".

P. Valley I, died Dec. 21, ".

A. Truell, C, died Dec. 27, ".

H. D. Howland, E, died Jan. 3, 1865 ".

John Harrigan, H, died Jan. 16, ‘65, ".

J. Gerry, A, died Jan. 26, ".

H. Bacon, D, died Feb. 1, ".

Marshal Goff, D, died Feb. 11, ".

W. Barber, A, died Feb. 2, ".

E. D. Carter, C, died Oct. 16, Rich’md, Va.

Warren Copeland, A, died, Feb. 28, ".

Henry Wakefield, E, died Feb. 20, ".

Martin (1st), 17th Vt., enlisted in the rebel army.

Martin (2nd), 17th, enlisted in the rebel army.

Henry Slate, D, enlisted Dec. 13 in the rebel army.

Austin M. Parkhurst, D, enlisted Dec. 13, in the rebel army.

--- Benway, Co. I, enlisted Dec. 13, in the rebel army.

--- Buckman, I, enlisted Dec. 13, in the rebel army; died.

Private Michael Tiernay, Co. K. 4th Vt., reports that Chas. Flint, Co. K, died at Camp Sumter; private Frank Pillsbury, Co. C, died at Camp Sumter.

Private Frank Glazier, Co. K, 4th Vt,, reports that Wm. P. Fisk, K, and corporal Azro Stiles, K, died at Camp Sumter.

Corp. Seymour N. Coles, G, 8th Vt. reports 21 men of his company captured with him, and that B. F. Arnold, G, died at Salisbury. N.C., Jan., 1865; J. F. Morrill, G, died on the cars from Salisbury. corporal Nathan Jay, G, died at Salisbury; Thos. Henchy, F, died at Salisbury; wagoner Oscar Maxham, E, died at Salisbury.

Cor’l. W. B. Hepworth, Co. H, 11th Vt., reports that corporal Wm. E. Willard, H. K. Barrett and W. Ayres, all of Co. H, died at Charleston, S.C.

Private Henry Howard, Co. D, 17th, Vt., reports that corporal Loren J. Mallory, B, died at Salisbury, Dec. 25. Henry Watefield, E, died at Danville; Corporal ___ Stoddard, C, died at Petersburg, ___ Howard G. died at Petersburg.

Corp’l Wm. McClintock. Co. C, 17th, reports that Edwin Carter, C, died at Richmond, Oct. 15.

Pvt. Wm. Malcom, Co. M, 1st Cavalry, reports that Joseph Martin and ___ Buchanan of Co. M, died at Andersonville.

Serg't Edwin C. Barnard, B, 7th Vt. reports that Henry W. Stocker, B, died in Florence, S.C.

Corp’l Oliver Vanderhoof, Co. K., 2d Vt., reports that John Skiddy, K, died at Camp Sumter, ___ Bateman, B, died at Andersonville, Thos. Witham and Thos. Simpson, K, died at Florence.

Private John Carroll, Co. F, 1st. Vt. Cavalry reports that Wm. Barnes, Thomas Witt, and John Bathnik, of Co. F., and Geo. Wilson, C, died at Andersonville.

Private Merritt White, Co. H, 3d Vt., reports that Silas Forrest and ___ Covill, of Co. I. died at Andersonville.

At 1st Division Hospital, Annapolis..

March 11, S. H. Mitchell, Co. I, 1st Cav., from Camp Parole. J. L. Willard, Co. E, 1st Cav., furloughed March 8, for 30 days.

List of Paroled Men at Home on Furlough From Camp Parole..

Feb. 19, Wm. Clay, 1st Cav., Co. A, from March 4 to April 3.

" Wm. L. Corse, 1st, D, do. do.

" Darius Deming, 1st, B, do. do.

" Geo. A. Fletcher, 1st, I. do. do.

20, Corporal Wm. E. Fitzgerald, 1st, H, do. do.

19, John Henry 1st, E, do. do.

" Calvin L. Norton, 6th, F, do. do.

" Wm. E. Newton, 11th, E, do. do.

" J. P. Reed, 11th, D, do. do.

" Lucian Scott, 1st Cav., M, do. do.

" Sergeant John C. Swan, 6th, I, do. do.

20 Charles Shumway, 1st Cav., F, do. do.

19, Geo. R. Witherell, 11th, B, do. do.

" Albert Williams, 1st, Cav., E, do. do.

20, Corp'l. William Thompson, 1st Cav., M, from February 28 to March 30.

" Corp'l Buel Phelps, 1st Cav., M, from Feb. 28 to March 30.

March 7, Augustus Mumble, 11th, B, returned from furlough.

Feb. 19, Wm. M. Wheaton, 1st Cav., D, transferred to Discharge Barracks.

Rutland Weekly Herald, Wednesday, March 23, 1865.

Transcribed by Deanna French