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Grand Army of the Republic

Commemorative Coin

Vermont had one of only two G.A.R. Posts outside the United States, in Montreal, Quebec. The other was in, I believe, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but I don't know what Department it belonged to.

Susan Moore, of Brandon, Manitoba, while metal detecting in an old school building built around 1912 unearthed what turned out to be a commemorative coin from the only G.A.R. encampment ever held outside the United States.

As you can see from the graphics below, the obverse of the coin has crossed U.S. and Canadian flags, with the words Vermont Dept. Encampment, Montreal, Can., and the date June 21-22, 1899. The reverse of the coin shows a maple leaf with the word Canada inscribed diagonally across it.

Susan graciously sent me the coin to scan and add to the website, but more importantly, allowed me to donate it, in her name, to the Vermont Historical Society, saying "I feel that it has more value to you than to sit in a box with me where no one sees it." We are truly grateful to Susan for her wonderful gift.

Coin Coin