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Grand Army of the Republic

Henry Freeman Post #98, Brookfield, Vermont

Members of Henry Freeman Post #98, Brookfield, VT, based on the GAR Descriptive Book and post ledger, transcribed by Elinor Gray, Brookfield Historical Society.

NameBornUnit(s)Post-war occupation
Abbott, Royal Jr.Brookfield, VT15th VT INFMechanic
Benham, Edward E.Jericho, VT26th NY CAV/VT FCAVfarmer
Bigelow, John Jr.Brookfield, VT3rd MA CAV, VRCPension also shows service in 33rd MA INF.
Buck, William L.Berlin, VT6th VT INFjoiner
Bullard, FranklinBethel, VT6th VT INFfarmer
Carpenter, IraBrookfield, VT15th VT INFfarmer
Chase, Zolva W.Middlesex, VT8th VT INFNone
Clark, Urial Abbott Jr.Brookfield, VT10th VT INF10th Vt. History off-site
Collins, MosesMalone, NY12th VT INFfarmer
Davenport, Norman B.Bristol, VT9th VT INFfarmer
Ditty, Eri L.Brookfield, VT6th VT INFfarmer
Edson, Henry L.Brookfield, VT1st VT CAVfarmer
Fletcher, Harvey AlvinJohnson, VT3rd VT INFfarmer
Ford, William A.Norwich, VT1st VT CAVfarmer
Freeman, Augustus W.Moretown, VT6th VT INFcarpenter
Frink, Cornelius T.Underhill, VT1st VT INF, 13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV13th Vt. History off-site
Fullam, CalvinPlainfield, NH4th VT INF, VRCshoemaker
Gilligan, Patrick C.Ireland1st VT CAVDied at Bennington Soldiers' Home
Glysson, Edward A.Brookfield, VTRecruitfarmer
Green, John SmalleyWilliamstown, VT4th VT INFDied in Brookfield, VT
Heath, John F.Braintree, VT15th VT INFfarmer
Herrick, Denslow E.Brookfield, VT15th VT INFJoiner
Hood, Christopher C.Chelsea, VT2nd VT INFcarpenter
Hutchinson, Stearns S.Braintree, VT2nd VT INFfarmer
Johnson, JasonJohnson, VT4th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPSfarmer
Laselle, Martin C.Barnard, VT3rd VT LARTYfarmer
Lawrence, Charles F.Williamstown, VT4th VT INFcarpenter
Locke, J. FrankOssipee, NH16th ME INF(clergyman, member of Brookfield GAR Post #98)
Mason, George E.Williston, VT10th VT INF10th Vt. History off-site
Metcalf, Royal D.Lowell, VT3rd VT INFClergyman
Nichols, Charles W.Middlesex, VT17th VT INFMusician
Nichols, Roswell S.Middlesex, VT8th VT INF, 17th VT INFNone
Parmenter, James W.Granville, VT6th VT INFMechanic
Peabody, Marcus MortonOrange, VT12th VT INFfarmer
Peck, CassiusBrookfield, VT1st USSSNone
Raymore, John W.Brookfield, VT10th VT INF10th Vt. History off-site,
Shattuck, GeorgeHartland, VT13th VT INF, 17th VT INF13th Vt. History off-site
Smith, JosiahBrookfield, VT8th VT INF, VRCNone
Smith, Norman AilesMorristown, VT8th VT INFNone
Sprague, Edwin A.Randolph, VT15th VT INFfarmer
Stevens, Oliver B.Bow, NH11th VT INFfarmer
Stone, John M.Barre, VT1st VT INFFarmer; See UVM's Digital Collections for the Civil War
Stratton, Carlos E.Brookfield, VT15th VT INFfarmer
Walbridge, Rodney W.Brookfield, VT4th VT INFfarmer
Waldo, DillinghamRoyalton, VT2nd VT INF, 6th VT INF, VRCfarmer
Waldo, Willard G.Royalton, VT8th VT INF, 16th VT INFNone
Wheatley, Alson N.Brookfield, VT9th VT INFfarmer


Henry L. EdsonJune 29, 1886
John BigelowJune 29, 1886
Cassius PeckJune 29, 1886
Norman SmithJune 29, 1886
Denslow E. HerrickJune 29, 1886
Charles W. NicholsJune 29, 1886
John W. RaymoreJune 29,1886
Urial A. ClarkJune 29,1886
G.E. MasonJune 29,1886
Moses CollinsJune 29,1886
Patrick C. GilliganJune 29,1886
Calvin FullamJune 29,1886
W.L.BuckJune 29,1886
Alson W.WheatleyJune 29,1886
Royal AbbottJune 29,1886
John F. HeathJune 29,1886
Carlos E. StrattonJune 29,1886
R.W.WalbridgeJune 29,1886
Dillingham WaldoJune 29,1886
C,F.FrinkJune 29,1886
E.E.BenhamJune 29,1886
Ira CarpenterJune 29,1886
Augustus W. FreemanJune 29,1886
Geo. ShattuckJune 29,1886
Martin C. LazelleJune 29,1886
Marcus M.PeabodyJune 29,1886
Josiah Smithtransfer
Zolva Chasetransfer
Roswell S. Nicholstransfer
Oliver Stevenstransfer
Royal D. Metcalftransfer
Erie L. DittyMuster
Jason Johnson
Stearns S. Hutchinson
Charles F. Lawrence
Norman Davenporttransfer

The following is the last page in the ledger

"I am closing these records by
surrender of the charter of
Henry H. Freeman Post No. 98 Dep. Vt.
Depleted ranks, extreme age, compel
the move. Organized in 1886.
I am the only charter member left, age 87.
Ira Carpenter.