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Grand Army of the Republic


Jarvis GAR Post - Springfield, VT (1905)



Back row - left to right

E. Weatherby, - , Geo. Pearsons, Dave Fairbanks, Oscar Parkhurst, Amos Gould, Joshua ?, A. O. Coburn, H. H. Conger, -, King

Middle row - left to right

Long, Meacham, A. W. Stickney, O. E. Waite, W. H. H. Putnam, William MCin(tosh?), Charles Whipple

Front row - left to right

-, -, Charles Herrick, William Sparrow, W. S. Allen, Dexter Lockwood, R. S. Herrick, H. H. Phillips, Merrel Bailey, William Gage, ?

Photograph courtesy of Heather Fullam