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Grand Army of the Republic

Known Publications

Proceedings of the 1872 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1873 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1880 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1881 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the annual & semi-annual encampments, together with general orders and circular. Bennington, Vt.: ?, 1883. (LOC)

Proceedings of the 1884 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1885 Encampment. (NHSL)

Journal of the Nineteenth Annual Encampment, Burlington, January 21st & 22d, 1886. Burlington: R.S. Styles Printer, 1886. (BM)

Proceedings of the 1886 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1887 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1888 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster of the Department of Vermont. Burlington: M.D.L. Thompson, 1888. (CSL)

Proceedings of the 1889 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1890 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1893 Encampment. (NHSL)

Brooks Post. Announcement of a reunion banquet in the Blanchard Opera House Block, Montpelier, Vt., with Lieut. Col. Roswell Farnham as the featured speaker. dtd 30 Oct 1894. (UVM)

Proceedings of the 1894 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1895 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1898 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1899 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1900 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster, 1900. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1901 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1902 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster, 1902. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1903 Encampment. (NHSL)

Journal of the 37th annual encampment (1904). Rutland: Tuttle, 1904.

Proceedings of the 1904 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1905 Encampment. (NHSL)

Proceedings of the 1906 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster, 1906. (NHSL)

Journal of the 40th annual encampment (1907). Rutland: Tuttle, 1907.

Proceedings of the 1907 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster, 1907. (NHSL)

Journal of the 41st annual encampment (1908). Rutland: Tuttle, 1908.

Proceedings of the 1908 Encampment. (NHSL)

Journal of the 42nd annual encampment (1909). Rutland: Tuttle, 1909.

Proceedings of the 1909 Encampment. (NHSL)

Journal of the 43rd annual encampment (1910). Rutland: Tuttle, 1910.

Proceedings of the 1910 Encampment. (NHSL)

Journal of the 44th annual encampment (1911). Rutland: Tuttle, 1911.

Proceedings of the 1911 Encampment. (NHSL)

Roster, 1911. (NHSL)

Journal of the 45th annual encampment (1912). Rutland: Tuttle, 1912.

Roll Call, 1914. Norwich, Vt. (DC)

Forty-Eighth Annual Encampment, St. Albans, VT., April 13 and 14, 1915. Address of Department Commander Edward Baker and Reports of Other Officers. (Ledoux)

Forty-Ninth Annual Encampment, Burlington, Vt., April 18 and 19, 1916. Address of Department Command Geo. P. Martin and Reports of Other Officers. (Ledoux)

Journal of the 52nd annual encampment (1919). Rutland: Tuttle, 1919.

Journal of the annual encampment (1920/21). Rutland: Tuttle, 1921.

Russell Post, Middlebury. 1884-1922. Constitution, bylaws, minutes, preceedings, financial records, reports to the national organization, and other records. (SMM)

Roster. Burlington: M.D.L. Thompson. undated. (CSL)

Roster. Montpelier, Vt. undated. (LOC)


BMBennington Museum Library, Bennington
CSLConnecticut State Library
DCBaker Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
LOCLibrary of Congress, Washington DC
NHSLNew Hampshire State Library, Concord, NH
SMMSheldon Museum, Middlebury
UVMUniversity of Vermont Special Collections, Burlington
LedouxPersonal Collection of Tom Ledoux