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Grand Army of the Republic

Rutland GAR Photograph

Collector Francis Guber recently obtained this photograph and would like some assistance identifying the veterans pictured.

Attached please find 3 scans of a large framed albumen print I recently acquired. It is a GAR group photo taken on the steps of Memorial Hall in Rutland, VT. The provenance is that it came out of the GAR hall in Brandon, VT. The image is large, 18" x 20". I would dated it to about the 1890's.

I was wondering if you like to post it on your site. Perhaps someone could help identifying some of the faces. The most prominent and important looking three people are in the front row center, behind the big drum. The thin faced man in the very center looks like it could be Redfield Proctor. The bearded man to his left bears a resemblance to William Ripley. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Rutland GAR Meeting

Click on the photograph for a larger view.

We also have scans of the photograph framed, and a detail shot centering on the bass drum and the individuals surrounding it.

If you can identify any of these individuals, please contact Francis on his website