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Grand Army of the Republic

Sons of Veterans of the Civil War

Membership in the Grand Army of the Republic was limited to individuals who had served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Revenue Cutter Service during the Civil War. The G.A.R. passed into history in 1956 when the last veteran answer the final muster. But, in 1881, the G.A.R. formed a hereditary organization, the Sons of Veterans of hte United States of America (SV) to carry on its traditions.

Please visit the That organization continues today.

Young man in Sons of Union Veterans Uniform Unidentified young man in the uniform of the Sons of Union Veterans, St. Johnsbury, c1891-1898.

(Photograph courtesy of: Bob Wolz, Key West, FL.)

Date based on information
provided by Paul Carnahan, Vermont Historical Society.

Historical Tidbits

St. Albans - George T. Childs Camp, No. 36, S. of V., was chartered April 19, 1887. Its present membership numbers seventy-two young men. Present officers: Frank L. Green, captain; Ferrand S. Stranahan, first lieutenant; L. G. Young, second lieutenant; C. A. Searle, chaplain; C. H. Anderson, first sergeant; E. B. Franics, quartermaster-sergeant; George O. Webaster, sergeant of guard; M. C. Burnet, color sergeant; H. R. Marvin, principal musician; J. W. Gilson, corporal of guard; G. S. Conger, camp guard; F. E. Ingraham, picket guard. Past captains, C. A. Searle, M. C. Garey, B. B. Perkins. (Aldrich 1891, 387)

St. Albans - Sons of Veterans - George T. Childs Camp, No. 36, S.O.V.--Arthur G. Mansur, Captain; A. E. Caldwell, First Lieutenant; O. T. Culver, Second Lieutenant; Leo Allen, First Sergeant; Laurence Brainerd, 2d, Q.M. Sergeant. Meets first Monday of each month at their rooms, Lock's block, Main street. (Waite 1896)

St. Albans - A. R. Hurlbut W. R. C. is an organization formed for work in connection with the post, and has a membership of nearly sixty ladies. The present officers of the Relief Corps as as follows: President, Mrs. Sue S. Gilson; S. V.-P., Mrs Jennie A. Montefiore; J. V.-P., Mrs. Sarah M. Shedd; secretary, Mrs. Rosa J. Wooster; treasurer, Mrs. Louisa J. Switzer; chaplain, Mrs. Mary J. Conant; conductress, Mrs. Hattie J. Moore; G., Laura A. Wells. Past presidents, Mrs. Libbie R. Sherwood, Mrs. Celia M. Allen. (Aldrich 1891, 387)

Woman's Relief Corps - A. R. Hurlburt, W.R.C. No. 31--Mrs. Mary J. Conant, President; Mrs. Ida Nash, S.V. President; Mrs. Ellen Parmalee, J. V. President, Mrs. Rosa J. Wooster, Secretary; Mrs. Jessie A. Sturtevant, Treasurer; Mrs. Abbie Kemp, Chaplain; Mrs. Cora A. Dunbar, Conductor; Mrs. Lillie Roby, Assistant Conductor; Mrs. Flora Spaulding, Guard; Mrs. Louise Switzer, Assistant Guard. Regular Meetings second and fourth Tuesday evenings at Lock's block, Main street. (Waite 1896)

Woman's Relief Corps, A. R. Hurlburt Post G.A.R.-Sec, Mrs. Charlotte Prentiss. Meets 1st and 3rd Fri Memorial Hall over St. A Public Library. (Manning 1938).

Swanton - Woman's Relief Corps, G.A.R. Meets second and fourth Monday evenings of each month, in Grand Army Hall. Miss Lizzie Herrick, President; Mrs. P. R. Smith, S.V.; Miss Edna Lawrence, J.V.; Mrs. Celia McGregor, Conductor; Mrs. R. O. Sturtevant, Treasurer; Mrs. Corrie Marvin, Secretary. (Waite 1896).

W.R.C., G.A.R. Meets 2nd and 4th Friday afternoons, Old Academy. (Manning 1914)


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