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Only 35 Remaining of Vermont's G.A.R.

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt., June 23 (1936) -- Vermont's surviving members of the Grand Army of the Republic gathered here today for the department's sixty-ninth encampment with the possibility that it would be the last formal meeting. Members of the encampment's committee said a motion was under consideration to end the State's gatherings because only thirty-five of the 34,000 Vermonters who fought in the war between the States survive.
Affiliated organizations, the Women's Relief Corps, Sons of Union Veterans and auxiliary, the Daughters of Union Veterans and Ladies of the G.A.R., planned sessions in connection with the encampment. All will participate in dedication of memorial trees and tablets. The encampment will close Thursday with a pilgrimage to West Groton to the grave of the "Sleeping Sentinel," who was pardoned by President Lincoln.
Governor Charles M. Smith and Walton F. Glover of Boston, author of the recently published book, "Abraham Lincoln and the Sleeping Sentinel," will be principal speakers.

Source: newspaper clipping found inside a copy of Benedict's "Vermont in the Civil War," and contributed by Edward D. Ellis.

Petition for Charter

Taplin Document

Petition for Charter from the papers of
2d Lieut. Eben Taplin, 3rd Battery, later
Assistant Adjutant General, Vermont G.A.R.
Provided courtesy of his 2nd-great-grandson,
R. Theron Tibbits.
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57th Encampment, Burlington, 6 June, 1924

Burlington - Stannard Post No. 2

James B. Scully "was an active member of Standard (sic) Post, G. A. R.; filled the several offices of Adjutant, Junior Vice commander, Senior Vice Commander and Post Commander with credit; was Assistant Adjutant, Department of Vermont, 1885, always a most useful and hard working member of the Post." (Sturtevant 438)

Chester - Henry Post No. 27.

Organized Mar., 7, 1883. Regular assemblies: April 18, May 23, June 20, July 18, August 22, September 19, October 17, November 14, December 12. Officers for 1883:

H. Henry, Commander
J. C. Jones, S. V. Commander
H. J. Parker, J. V. Commander
A. D. L. Herrick, Adj't
D. W. Davis, Q.M.
L. T. Park, Surgeon
J. J. Miner, Chaplain
M. D. Whitman, O. D.
A. E. Reed, O. G.
C. H. Larkin, Serg't. Maj.
E. M. Carlisle >
J. C. Balch    >

(1883 pamphlet)

Danby - H. V. Vaughn Post No. 79.

Captain William H. Bond, Co. A, 2nd Infantry, "was a member of H. V. Vaughn Post No. 79 of Danby of Grand Army of the Republic ( G.A.R.) whose last member, Eugene Mcintire, died in 1931." (Bond Letters)

Enosburg - Pixley Post No. 102.

"chartered in May, 1887, and so named in memory of Lieutenant Charles Pixley, whose remains lie buried in the village cemetery. The Post has a membership of about twenty-two persons, and is officered as follows: George A. White, commander; Richard Smith, S. V. C.; Daniel Burt, J. V. C.; E. B. Larrabee, Q. M.; John E. Chamberlain, adjutant." (Aldrich 1891, 447)

Fairfax - General I. B. Richardson Post Post No. 92

organized November 20, 1885, with the following officers and charter members: L.B. Hunt, P. C.; Page Ufford, S. V. C.; George Hunt, J. V. C.; E. G. Minkler, adjutant; Fred S. Hunt, quartermaster; J. S. Howard, surgeon; A. M. Storey, chaplain; S. Sturgis, O. D.; B. S. Davison, O. G. The Post was named as above in honor of General Israel Bush Richardson, a native of Fairfax, and a veteran of both the Mexican war and the late Rebellion." In connection with and auxiliary to the Post is the I. B. Richardson Drum Corps, under the captaincy of Charles H. Watson, -- a uniformed organization which, on proper occasions, furnishes martial music." (Aldrich 1891, 477)

Franklin - Marsh Post No. 80

"Every year Decoration day is observed either at the Center village or East Franklin. There is a flourishing Post of the G. A. R. Marsh Post Post No. 80, was named in honor of the late Lathrop Marsh, who rendered excellent service as a town official during the war." (Aldrich 1891, 500)

Ludlow - Howard Post Post No. 33, G.A.R. (application)

(see also Reunion Activity)

Richford - Frontier Post No. 70

organized in 1883, and Colonel C. D. Gates was the mustering officer. The first commander was E. H. Powell; adjutant, Lewis S. Hebb; quartermaster, W. W. Kinsley. There have been sixty-six names enrolled, forty-five being the present number. (Aldrich 1891, 549)

St. Albans - A. R. Hurlbut Post No. 60,

"chartered October 4, 1883, as the succeeding organization to the still older "Baldy" Smith Post Post No. 20, which was chartered during the pioneer days of such societies. But the old Post became involved in difficulties, and its members lost interest in its welfare, whereupon the charter was surrendered. Hurlbut Post is in no manner the outgrowth of the senior society, but an independently chartered organization, containing, however, nearly all the members formerly in the old commander post. Hurlbut Post boasts of the splendid membership of 150, and is the strongest and most healthful organization of its kind in the county. The Post commanders have been George T. Childs, H. E. Perkins, A. W. Fuller, E. W. Bordo, D. K. Gilson, S. W. Cummings. Officers in 1890: James Halloway, commander; A. S. Fleury, S. V. C.; A. S. Green, J. V. C.; S. Story, jr., adjutant; S. H. Wood, Q. M.; H. D. Belden, surgeon; Rev. L. S. Johnson, chaplain; J. H. Montefiore, O. of D.; N. Bertrand, O. of G.; C. W. McArthur, Q. M.-S.; J. G. Moore, sergeant-major." (Aldrich 1891, 386-387)

"A. R. Hurlburt Post Post No. 60, G. A. R. Headquarters Library building, 8 Maiden Lane. Regular meeting second Monday evening of each month. F. Stewart Strahan, Commander; Edmund Brigham, S. V. Commander; Frank F. Young, J. V. Commander; H. E. Perkins, Adjutant; A. W. Fuller, Quartermaster; Charles P. Hogan, Chaplain; H. D. Belden, Surgeon; Napoleon Bertrand, jr., Officer Day; S. F. Kimball, Officer Guard; N. C. Hayes, Sergeant Major; C. W. McArthur, Q. M. Sergeant; A. D. Collins, Color Sergeant." (Waite 1903, 17)

"A. R. Hurlburt Post Post No. 60, G.A.R.--Headquarters Lock's block, Main Street. Regular meetings second and fourth Monday evenings of each month. J. H. Montefiore, Commander; J. A. Jarvis, S.V. Commander; A. M. Washburn, Jr. V. Commander; C. B. Conant, Adjutant; A. S. Greene, Quartermaster; ----- Chaplain; R. Sherwood, Surgeon; N. Bertrand, Officer Day; B. H. Stickney, Officer Guard; J. G. Moore, Sergeant Major; John Casey, Q.M. Sergeant." (Waite 1896)

Springfield - Jarvis Post No. 7

"named after Major Charles Jarvis and organized August 21, 1868, the following officers being elected: Commander H.W. Floyd; senior vice-commander, T. R. Proctor; junior vice-commander, Adin H. Whitmore; sergeant-major Edwin D. Hatch; adjutant, J. Wood Hastings; quartermaster, L. A. Pierce; surgeon L. M. Tuttle; chaplain E. N. Dean. The Post was disbanded in 1874, and was re-organized in July 1884, with the following officers: W. H. H. Slack, commander; W. H. H. Putnam, S.V.C.; William Sparrow, J.V.C.; A. O. Coburn, adjutant; William M. Lewis, quartermaster; S. Grow, chaplain. Meetings are held first and third Wednesdays of the month and present membership is seventy-eight. The officers elected in 1888 were: Commander, C. Sparrow; S.V.C., Justus Dart, J.V.C., C. C. Johnson, adjutant, A. W. Stickney, quartermaster, D. B. Lockhart; chaplain, Adelbert Allen." (Aldrich 1888?, 451)

Swanton - Jesse A. Jewett Post No. 73

"Meets first and third Monday evenings of every month in G.A.R. Hall, Dorman block. commander, C. H. Butterfield; S.V.C., W. W. Munsell; J.V.C., William Manning; Adjutant, R. O. Sturtevant; Quartermaster, E. W. Jewett; Surgeon, F. R. Carpenter; Chaplain, E. J. Ranslow; Officer of the Day, E. D. Barnes; Officer of the Guard, H. C. McGregor; Sergeant-Major, Melancthon Weatherwax; Quartermaster-Sergeant, H. A. Wanzer." (Waite 1896)

"G.A.R. - Jesse A. Jewett Post Post No. 73, G.A.R. Meets 1st Monday evening of each month, Old Academy. Frank B. Root, Com.; Louis Sears, Sr., V-Com.; George G. Blake, Adj. Capt.; Jackson Lacky, Q.M.; Frank B. Wells, Chap." (Manning 1914)

Waitsfield - Ainsworth Post No. ?

"Comrade (Stephen) Johnson is commander of Ainsworth Post, G.A.R., at Waitsfield, which office he has held for several years and he is seldom absent from a meeting although he lives five or six miles away." (Sturtevant 463)


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Contributors: Margaret Atkinson, Mark Felone, Peter Flood, George G. Kane, Tom Ledoux