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Introduction - Bibliography

Civil War Monuments

Milton (1909)



Program of Exercises

Henry O. Clark, 13th VT. Reg't.

Chairman Monument Committee Presiding

Prayer, Rev. E. E. Herrick, 15th Vt. Reg't.

Introductory Remarks, by the Chairman

Unveiling of Monument by a daughter and grand-daughter of veterans,

Misses Elsie H. Clark, and Gladys M. Perry

Transfer of Monument to the town by Henry O. Clark, J. Monroe Perry, and Frank E. Cormia, Monument Com.

Acceptance for the town by Corry E. Osgood, Eugene I. Allen, Thomas Shean, Selectmen

Music by the Colchester Band, W. H. Munson, Leader

Oration, Hon. Albert Clarke, Sec. Home Market Club, Boston

Song, A. J. Maxham, Hancock's First Army Corps.


George H. Prouty, Governor of the State,

John A. Meade, 12th, Vt. Reg't. Lt. Governor

Ex-Governor, E. J. Ormsbee, 12th Vt. Reg't.

Ex- Lieut. Governor, N. M. Fisk,

Hon. Leon D. Latham



Heman W. Allen, Commander Stannard Post,
   G. A. R. 13th Vt. Reg't.

C. P. Hogan Commander Hurlbut Post,
   G. A. R. 7th Vt. Reg't.

C. M. Ferris Commander Sherman Post,
   G. A. R. 8th Vt. Reg't

Col. A. C. Brown, 13th Vt. Reg't.

Henry A. Smith, Commander Reynolds

South Panel

Eugene Bacon
Henry C. Bailey
Samuel F. Ballard
Leonard E. Blatchley
Homer E. Bliss
Andrew Dougherty
Patrick Flynn
Daniel P. Fox
James Gardner
Joseph Garrow
Joseph Henry
Thomas Howley
Joseph Joslin
Amasa Kinney
Daniel Ladue
John Ladue
Edwin Lamarsh
John I. LaMarsh
Charles A. Lamb
George L. Lester
Charles Lucia
Wm. McNeal
Samuel Manley
Octave Marcelle
M. Emerson Marrs
George Martin
Lewis Moshier
Joseph Muer
John O'Donnell
Patrick C. O'Neil
Louis P. Phelps
Matthew Quinn
Benjamin Randall
William B. Reynolds
Alexander St. George
Joseph Segann
Frank L. Severance
William Schackett
Thomas Simpson
Horace O. Snow
William E. Snow
John Sweeny
Jay Washburn
Moses A. Wheelock

East Panel

John Andress
Elisha Bailey
George H. Baker
Eugene A. Ballard
Orange Ballard
George Bascom
John T. Bascom
Lewis O. Beeman
Loomis M. Bentley
Rodney Berkley
William H. Berkley
Samuel N. Blair
Alson H. Blake
William L. Blake
Gilbert Buckman
David O. Bullock
Lyman Bullock Sr.
Lyman Bullock Jr.
Julius Bushaway
Homer B. Caswell
Richard C. Cheeseman
Oliver Cherrier
Royal S. Childs
Clufus Clapper
Henry O. Clark
John H. Conlin
Daniel H. Coon
Oliver E. Coon
Elliot O. Crawford
Augustus H. Crown
William E. Crown
John. H. Cull
John Cummings
John W. Davis
Gasper Depatie
Luicus J. Dixon
Charles Dougherty
Abraham Douglass
Henry Douglass
Joseph Douglass
Leon Drake
Joseph Douglass
Leon H. Drake
Joseph Dufraine
Judd A. Fairchild
Lucien C. Farnham
Colton Fletcher
George A. Fox
John Freeman
Michael Gardner

North Panel

Antoine Garrow Jr
Joseph Garrow Jr.
Lewis Garrow
Oliver Garrow
James D. German
William Haggerty
James C. Harmon
John N. Harmon
Edgar E. Herrick
Johnathan Jacobs
Norman Jacobs Jr.
Theopolus Jadwine Jr.
David Kiley
H. Michael Kiley
Thomas Kiley
John King
Francis B. Kinney
Charles Ladue
Enos Ladue
William J. LaMarsh
Francis Laporte
Guy W. Latham
James Logue
Charles Lovely
Lewis Lovely
Andrew Lucia
George Lucia
Mitchell Lucia
James McDonald
Highel C. McNall
Elisha Manley
James Manley
James Marcelle
Nathan L. Marcelle
Harlan F. Marrs
Cortes Mayville
Peter Mayville
Gabriel Mitchel
Wilber E. Monty
Daniel W. Morehouse
Charles Morgan
Andrew Morton
Amos Moshier
Leo Muzzey
Joseph Nailor
John O'Connell
I. Crocker Osgood
Gregoire Patneaud
Myron J. Pattee
Andrew Pederson
George Peltier
Solomon Peppin Sr.
Martin V. B. Perry
J. Monroe Perry
West Panel
Julian Phelps
John Pick
James Plunkett
Thomas Plunkett
Charles E. Powers
William Prentiss
Samul D. Preston
Peter Prevost Jr.
Joseph Prim
Seymour Prim
Joseph B. Reddick
Chester C. Reynolds
Caleb C. Reynolds
Clark G. Reynolds
William H. Robinson
William W. Robinson
Palmer A. Rye
Edward St. Lewis
Jesse St. Lewis
Charles E. Sanderson
Hiram L. Sanderson
Morton H. Sanderson
T. Seymour Sanderson
Joseph Sanders
Charles Sawyer
Henry O. Sawyer
George Scagel
John Scarbo
Mindor Scarbo
Cornelius Shehan
James Shehan
Henry A. Smith
Singleton Smith
Edward E. Snow
Joseph C. Snow
James C. Squires
William J. Squires
Charles Stannard
Charles Suns
Theopolus Sweeney
Trefla Tatreau
Alfred S. Thompson
Henry Tyler
Lewis Vassar
Joseph Wallace
Edward C. Warner
Mark Warner
Van Buren Warner
Mark Warner
Albert Washburn
Milton Washburn
Richard Watson
John E. Wheelock
Marshall E. Wright
James L. Young

The pamphlet shows the monument in its original location at the intersection of U.S. Route 7 and Main Street. The photograph shows it where it was moved to School Street, off Main, on the front lawn of the Historical Society).

Photograph and pamphlet courtesy of Georgeana Little; text courtesy of Jim Ballard, Milton Historical Society Historian.

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