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Rochester (1868)


"During the war of the Rebellion Rochester furnished 197 men, 153 of whom were residents of the town, and $38,474.65 in cash. In 1868 the town erected a beautiful monument of Barre, Vt., granite, at the village, in honor of her brave sons who lost their lives in the war. The following is a list of the names engraved on the same:-

Lieutenant Colonel - Henry A. Eaton.
Lieutenant - Ransom M. Towle.
Lieutenant - Charles G. Newton.
Sergeant - Varnum B. Whitney.
Sergeant - Erastus W. Ward.
Corporal - Charles C Beckwith.
Dexter Grossman, Joseph Huntington,
Norman A. Brink, William H. Jones,
Erastus S. Austin, Jacob Messer,
Henry T. Goodyear, Delos Parmenter,
Theodore H. Hall, Franklin Pillsbury,
Fred Richmond, Williard J. Bisbee,
Henry Simons, Alfred M. Richardson,
Ira A. Stevens, Nelson J. Thrasher,
Harry A. Washburn, Charles F. Van Gilder,
Edward Morse, Charles E. Alexander,
Volney R. Flanders, Charles Morse, Jr.,
Elmer J. Leonard, Stillman B. Smith,
Andre M. Washburn, Malcolm G. Kinsman,
George E. Whitcomb, George S. Laird,
John F. Pearson, John O. Whitney,
George Allen, Elbridge S. Williams,
Charles J. Bisbee, Charles A. Keith."

Source: Hamilton Child, Gazetteer and business directory of Windsor County, Vt., for 1883-84, pp. 204-205.

Photograph courtesy of Susan Peden, Sheldon Museum, Middlebury.

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