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Civil War Monuments

Stowe Memorial Building/Mausoleum

Two Civil War Ordnance Rifles "guard" the front entrance

(Courtesy of Deanna French)

Healy Akeley and George Thomas are entombed in the building. Check out Akeley's record.

Veterans on the steps of the Soldiers Memorial Building in Stowe, 1906

(Click on the image for a high resolution view)


Samuel Spaulding, Co. A 61st NY Inf., Private, Malone NY
Chandler Watts II, Co. E 11th Regiment, Com. Sergeant, Stowe
Samuel Thomas Fuller, Co. D 11th Regiment, Sergeant, Stowe
Amos W Towne, Co. E 13th Regiment, Private, Stowe
William J. Cheney, Co. D 11th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Daniel M. Smith, Co. E 13th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Hial Atkins, Co. E 13th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Benjamin F. (Frank) Waite, Co. E 13th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Henry W. Warren, Co. D 11th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Volney C. Babcock, Co, E 13th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Abram Burnett, Co. C 17th Regiment, Private, Morrisville
Henry Gibbs, Co. D 5th Regiment, Private, Stowe
George W. Adams aka George W Houston, Co. D 5th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Alson S Moody, Co. F 11th Regiment, Private), Craftsbury
Salmon Mortimer Brush, Co. E 1st VT. Cav., Private, Cambridge
Orlando F. Gerry, Co. E 13th Reg. / Co C 17th, Private, Morristown
Jackson Sargent, Co. D 5th Regiment, 1st Lieutenant Co K, Stowe
Ira Munn, Co H 12th Regiment, Private, Stowe


Peter Quinn, Co. E 5th NH Infantry, Private, New Hampshire
George W. Sallies, Co. E 34th OH Infantry, Private, Ohio
Samuel H. Kaiser, Co. I 1st VT Cav, Blacksmith, Stowe
James M. Jackson Jr., Co. D 5th Regiment, Sergeant, Stowe
Christopher P. Brown, Co. D. 2nd Regiment, Private, Waterbury
Henry T. Raymond, Co. c 17th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Felix L. Wells, Co. B 17th Regiment, Private, Cambridge
James M. McAllister, Co. E 11th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Paphro D Pike, Co. D 11th Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant, Stowe
Myron Owen, Co. E 7th Regiment, 1St Lieutenant, Essex VT
Vena Kaiser, daughter of Samuel Kaiser


John Cary, Co. M MI Cav/Co L, Private, Michigan
George Harris, Co. K 17th Regiment, Corporal, Stowe
Andrew Howard Butts, Co. D 5th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Truman Smith, Co. H 9th Regiment, Sergeant, Stowe
Henry Thomas, Co. E 3rd Regiment, Musician, Stowe
Harrison Stoddard Nutting, Co. H 9th Regiment, Corporal, Stowe
Clement G. Moody, Co. I 11 Regiment, Private, Stowe
George Campbell (Henry J.), Co. D 5th Regiment, Private, Stowe
Daniel Merritt, Co. K 17th Regiment, Private, Stowe

Courtesy of Barb Baraw, Stowe Historical Society.

Stowe Cannon

A 3-inch ordnance rifle, manufactured by the Phoenix Iron Company, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The serial number is 374 and the weight is 816 pounds. The inspector was TTSL. A second rifle on the other side of the steps bears serial #266.

An interesting note about this model cannon, it is the same model cannon, by the same inspector, that is said to have fired the first Union artillery shot at Gettysburg.

Another model of this type of cannon by the Phoenix Iron Company and inspected by TTSL was said to be the last one fired at Appomattox.

Courtesy of Peter Flood, great-grandson of 1st Lieutenant Jerome B. Hatch, 1st Vermont Cavalry.

TTSL = Theodore Thaddeus Sobieski Laidley, a U.S. Army Ordnance officer and inspector. For a comple list of inspectors, see United States Military Small Arms Inspectors Markings.