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Pensions and other Records

How much is a disability worth?

The following is list of pension rates allocated as of 1 January 1883 from more than 200 disabled veterans from Addison County, Vermont. Discrepencies in rates for the same disability are probably to be due to the severity of that particular disability, but it is probable that more detailed documentation by examining doctors could result in high pensions).

Source Document: 47th Congress, 2d Session, Senate, Ex. Doc. No 84, List of Pensioners On The roll January 1, 1883, giving the Name of each Pensioner, the Cause for which pensioned, the Post-Office address, The Rate of Pension per month, and the Date of the original pension, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882, Volume i, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883., pp. 232-237.

$2.00anchylosis rt. index finger
"chronic diarrhea
"disease of abdominal viscera
"gsw lower jaw
"gsw lt. breast
"gsw lt. hand, loss index finger
"gsw lt. shoulder
"gsw rt. arm & loss index finger
"gsw rt. side of chest
"gsw rt. thigh & rheumatism
"injury to abdomen
"injury to lt. knee & chronic diarrhea
"shell wd rt. hand
"shell wd rt. middle finger
"wd neck & shoulder
"wd rt. thigh
$3.00chronic diarrhea
$4.00axe wd lt. knee
"chronic diarrhea
"debility from typhoid fever
"disease of kidneys, res. from init. fever
"disease of lungs
"gsw head
"gsw left wrist
"gsw lower jaw
"gsw lt. arm
"gsw rt. leg below the knee
"gsw rt. shoulder & head
"gsw rt. thigh
"injury to abdomen
"injury to back
"injury to back & lt. ankle
"injury to rt. eye
"injury to rt. shoulder
"intermittent fever & rheumatism
"loss of rt. thumb
"malarial poisoning
"partial deafness
"wd hip and groin
"wd lt. hand
"wd lt. leg
"wd rt. hand
$5.33injury to lt. leg, hip & side
$6.00amputated 1st & 2d fingers rt. hand, pgsw
"chronic bronchitis & epilepsy
"chronic diarrhea
"chronic diarrhea & intermittent fever
"chronic diarrhea & pleurisy
"chronic diarrhea & rheumatism
"chronic diarrhea, rheumatism, disease of heart
"chronic rheumatism
"chronic rheumatism & diarrhea
"disease of spine and heart & gsw rt. hand
"disease of abdominal viscera
"disease of heart
"disease of lungs & rheumatism
"effects fever & ague
"gsw both arms
"gsw both hips & rt. thigh
"gsw lt. ankle
"gsw lt. ankle & shell wd rt. side
"gsw lt. arm
"gsw lt. foot
"gsw lt. hand
"gsw lt. hand, loss index finger
"gsw lt. shoulder
"gsw lt. side
"gsw lt. thigh & hip
"gsw to head
"gsw rt. arm
"gsw rt. hand
"gsw rt. hip
"gsw rt. leg
"gsw rt. thigh
"injury to abdomen
"injury to abdomen & disease of lungs
"injury to lt. arm & lt. thigh
"injury to rt. ankle & lt. side
"injury to rt. eye
"injury to stern & disease of stomach
"loss of 2d finger & injury 1st & 3d fingers of lt. hand
"malaria poisoning & disease of kidneys
"malaria poisoning & disease of liver
"pulmonic phthsis (Navy)
"shell wd lt. knee
"wdd lt. foot & both legs
"wdd rt. arm
$8.00bron. & res. disease of threat
"burns, scalds, & chronic bronchitis
"chronic diarrhea
"chronic diarrhea & asthma
"chronic diarrhea & injury to abdomen
"disease of kidneys
"disease of liver & chronic diarrhea
"disease of lungs
"disease of lungs & measles
"disease of spine
"fractured rt. leg & res. varicose veins
"gsw back & lt. hip
"gsw lt. forearm
"gsw lt. hip
"gsw lt. side
"gsw lt. th. & lt. forearm
"gsw lt. wrist & lt. hand & lt. of lit. fin
"gsw rt. hand & injury to abdomen
"gsw rt. hand & leg
"gsw rt. hand, loss 2d & 3d fings
"gsw rt. hip & lt. foot
"gsw rt. leg
"gsw rt. leg & chronic diarrea
"gsw rt. leg & lt. shoulder
"gsw rt. shoulder
"gsw rt. wrist
"injury to abdomen
"injury to abdomen & injury to spine & res.
"injury to back
"injury to back & lt. side
"injury to back, breast. & injury to abdomen
"loss of lt. eye, impairment of vision in rt. eye
"loss of rt. eye, aff. sight lt. eye
"malarial poisoning & disease of rt. hand & arm
"malarial poisoning & chronic diarrea
"malarial poisoning
"shell wd shoulder, arm, side & injury rt. ankle
"typhoid fever, chronic diarr., & idi. & disease of abdominal viscera
"typhoid fever. & res. epilepsy
"wdd rt. hand & arm
"wdd rt. thigh
$8.50gsw lt. knee
"injury to abdomen
$10.00chronic diarrhea
"chronic diarrhea & dis. lungs
"chronic diarrhea, scurvy & debility
"gsw head
"gsw lt. leg & lt. hand
"gsw neck & spine
"gsw rt. arm & injury to spine
"gsw rt. forearm & hand
"gsw rt. forearm
"gsw rt. leg & lt. knee
"gsw rt. shoulder & loss rt. thumb
"injury to abdomen & chronic diarrea
"loss of rt. eye, affecting lt. eye
"wd neck & chronic diarrhea
$11.25gsw rt. arm
$12.00chronic diarrhea
"chronic diarrhea & res. rt. hemi'a
"disease of heart
"disease of kid., chronic rheu., & res. disease of heart
"gsw head
"gsw lt. leg
"gsw rt. hand
"gsw rt. leg
"gsw rt. shoulder
"gsw rt. thigh
"gsw wd rt. hip
"injury to abdomen
"injury to left leg
"injury to rt. shoulder & rt. foot
"injury to spine, & partial paralysis of extremeties
"malaria poisoning & disease of bowels, lungs & kidneys
"varicose veins rt. leg
$14.00gsw rt. arm & injury to spine
"gsw rt. breast & lt. arm
"rheumatism, sunstroke & bron.
"wdd breast & lt. hand
$16.00gsw throat & abscess lt. side of neck
$17.00chronic diarrhea & chills & fever
$18.00asthma & res. disease of lungs
"disease of lungs
"gsw face
"gsw face, lt. side rt. eye, & imp. V. l.
"gsw head
"gsw lt. arm
"gsw lt. arm & side
"gsw lt. hip
"gsw neck & spine
"gsw rt. shoulder
"injury to abdomen & partial paralysis of lt. side
"injury to rt. leg
"paralysis (Navy)
"shell wd rt. arm
"wd lt. hand
$18.75chronic diarrhea & bronchitis
$20.00constipation & artiticial anus
$24.00gsw rt. thigh
"loss of lt. arm above elbow
"loss of rt. arm
"loss of rt. arm above elbow
"loss of rt. leg & injury left leg
"loss of sight in rt. eye & partial loss of sight in lt. eye
"total loss of speech & hearing & disease of spine
$30.00gsw lt. leg & shell wd lt. hip
$72.00total blindness