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Annual Regimental Reunion.

The 15th Vermont Regiment, of which the late Redfield Proctor was the honored colonel, selected this year their colonel's birthday on which to hold their reunion, and they gathered to the number of 48 Tuesday afternoon to renew their acquaintance with each other and to greet Ex-Gov. F. D. Proctor, on this their 17th annual reunion.

The meeting was called to order at 11 o'clock, following the registration of members. The colonel of the association, Ex-Gov C. J. Bell presided in an exceedingly happy manner and called on several members to make brief remarks. Among those who spoke interestingly, were Judge J. T. Gleason of Lyndonville, D. P. Celley of St. Johnsbury, J. H. Wilson of East Haven, R. G. Brock of Wells River, J. S. T. Wallace of Barnet, and E. . Hovey of St. Johnsbury. All paid tender tribute to their late war colonel. Ex-Gov. Bell presented Ex-Gov. Proctor, who spoke of the great love his father always held for the regiment and every one of its members, and of the happiness given him by the meeting held with him a few years ago. He also spoke of the nesessity of continued loyalty and patriotism by the younger generations., that the late rebellion may not be forgotten, and that other wars may be prevented.

He present a picture of his late father to the 15th Vermont Regiment, to replace the one destroyed by fire a short time ago in the G.A.R. rooms, and Gov. Bell spoke appreciatively of the gift; which he said made this a pleasant, sad, yet very delightful day. A rising vote of thanks was given. A very tempting dinner was served by the ladies of the Relief Corps and among the guests were many visiting ladies. The afternoon program included remarks from a few of the veterans, recitations by Misses Marguerite Robinson of Lyndonville and Florence Celley of St. Johnsbury, and the reading of letters from absent members. These officers were elected:

Colonel, J. T. Gleason.
Lieut. Col., R. G. Brock.
Adjutant, D. P. Celley.
Mahor, F. E. Cobleigh.

The following members of the regiment were present: J. T. Gleason, Lyndonville; H. A. Joslin, Concord; J. H. Winslow, East Haven; Edward Grannis, Lancaster; W. C. Pratt, Concord; S. M. Farrer, South Peacham; A. M. Whitelaw, Ryegate; S. E. Dutton, Lyndonville; M. J. Robinson, Lyndonville; Lewis W. Gordon, Lyndonville; H. W. Damon, St. Johnsbury Center; A. W. Bean, Lyndon Center; George Shorey, Lyndonville; C. J. Bell, Walden; Willis L. Guild, Lyndonville; A. C. Farmer, East Burke; B. F. Woodbury, Concord; Freeman Hyde, Sutton; Aphonso C. Pillsbury, Wheelock; W. H. Haviland, Barre; F. E. Cobleigh, Lyndonville; C. G. Mooney, Lyndonville; A. W. Farmington, South Walden; John H. Stevenson, Barnet; A. J. Miller, Lunenburg; Millen Farrow, South Peacham; William Marshall, Burke, W. C. Meserve, Lyndon, C. L. Stacy, Concord, N. H. Page, St. Johnsbury Center; D. R. Cobb, West Glover, I. K. Gray, Wheelock; R. A. Gray, Sheffield; E. H. Ranney, Concord; Andrew Aitken, Wells River; J. S. T. Wallace, Barnet; J. B. Stuart, West Barnet; R. G. Brock, Wells River; R. N. Bailey, Peacham; R. C. Ward, E. E. Carr, D. P. Celley; Francis W. Cheever, H. G. Ely, W. H. H. Rollins, James D. White, E. L. Hovey and S. W. Hull of St. Johnsbury.

- St. Johnsbury Caledonian, June 2, 1909