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15th Vermont Reunion

Ten Members Have Died Within the Past Year -- Exercises at G.A.R. Hall.

The 20th annual reunion of the 15th Vermont Regiment was held on Friday at Grand Army hall with a large attendance. At noon, dinner was served to about 75 people and soon after dinner D. P. Celley, colonel of the regiment called the meeting to order. After prayer by Rev. B. F. Butler the committee on resolutions, J. M. Quimby, F. E. Cobleigh and Robert Kelley, read resolutions on ten members who have answered the last roll call during the year: Curtis B. Gilman, Co. A; N. H. Page, Ed. Little, Co. B; Oramel H. Palmer, Co. D.; Henry A. Atkins, Co. E.; Robert Stevenson, Co. F; Charles Switzer, Hiram Simpson, Co. G; Milo Rollins, Co. H; Ezra Copp, James D. White, Co. K. The nominating committee presented the following report which was accepted: Colonel, A. M. Whitelaw of Ryegate; lieutenant colonel, George Shorey of Lyndonville; major, A. C. Farmer of East Burke; adjutant, J. M. Quimby, of Lyndonville.

The retiring adjutant, Freeman Hyde, was unable to be present but Rev. B. F. Butler read a letter from him, and also read letters from C. L. Whitelaw, L. D. Richards, Dudley A. Rollins, F. A. Fletcher, A. T. Bigelow, and E. K. Burnham. A recitation by Miss Ellen Macomber, the little granddaughter of the late Col. E. L. Hovey, was enjoyed, and Col. Celley gave a very interesting account of the life at the National Soldiers' Home at Old Point Comfort where he spent the winter.

Judge J. T. Gleason spoke in memory of the late Flether D. Proctor who was an honoarary member of the regiment and moved that the committee on resolutions draw up resolutions in respect of his memory and send them to the family. The words of Col. Celley, calling the old soldiers, "cranks," and Judge Gelason's call to all old soldiers to vote for man and principles rather than party this year stirred up some very interesting arguments and remarks were made by Alphonso Pillsbury of Lyndonville, L. F. Currier of Island Pond, Rev. J. H. winslow of Whitefield, N.H., and John McDonald of St. Johnsbury.

- St. Johnsbury Caledonian, July 3, 1912.