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The Reunions of Company "I"

As Reported in the Vermont Tribune newspaper

13 Oct., 1905: "The 20th annual reunion of Co. "I", 2d Vermont regiment will be held this Friday afternoon and evening. A business meeting will be held at two o'clock and at 4 o'clock the cannon in the park will be dedicated by O. O. Howard post. A campfire will be held in the evening, to which the public is cordially invited.

19 Sept., 1907: "Company I's Reunion - Fourteen Comrades Get Together for a Social and Business Session - Grange hall was yesterday afternoon the scene of a reunion of members of Company I, Second Reg't Vt. Volunteers. Fourteen were present, two were accounted for by letter, and three were reported as having died during the year, namely: Darius D. Priest, George H. Lewis and Milan N. Beckwith. At noon a dinner was served by the ladies, ample justice being done to the beautiful spread. Subsequently a business meeting was held. President Perkins in the chair, and these officers chosen for the year to come: President, Elwin Headle of Putney; Vice president, Henry A. Colby of Newport; Sec. Albert D. Beckwith of Ludlow; Treas: Charles H. Ray of Ludlow; Exec. committee, all members of Co. "I" now living in Ludlow. It was voted to hold the next meeting here in Sept. 1908, the date to be fixed by the Ex. committee. At the close of the business meeting remarks were in order and several members were called on. Albert A. May of Meriden, Conn., gave an account of the National Encampment in Saratoga and urged the comrades to renewed activity to the end that we may see or hear from every surviving member at their next meeting. Volney S. Fulham, the first captain of the company told of the formation of the company in April of 1861 and of many of the boys composing it and placed under his charge, which made him feel more like a father than an officer. He expressed great admiration from every member. Remarks were also made by L. A. Dodge of Worcester, Mass., Fred A. Fish of Ludlow, D. Page Perkins of N. Springfield, and Mrs. H. L. Warner, who had the distinction of having a husband and three brothers in Company "I". Resolutions were adopted to the memory of the three comrades who had died during the year. The list of comrades present: A. A. May, E. Hendle, Henry Colby, L. A. Dodge, Henry Hemenway, F. A. Wells, M. Gilligan, C. H. Ray, Amos Nichols, D. P. Perkins, V. S. Fulham, John Barrett, P. G. Wells, A. D. Beckwith. Heard from by letter: A. A. Whitney, Claremont, NH; W. W. Hesselton, Togus, Maine."

1 Oct., 1908: Company "I's Reunion" - The 24th annual reunion of Co. "I" of the Second Reg't of Vt. Vols. association was held in Grange hall in this village 25 Sept. Fourteen of the old company were present. Letters were received from ten expressing much sorrow in not being able to meet with their old comrades, and sending many kind messages for a pleasant reunion, hoping to be with them another year. One of Landlord Butterfield's fine dinners was served to all who wished to partake. At 2 p.m. a business meeting was called. Pres. Headle being absent, the chair was filled by Vice Henry Colby with A. D. Beckwith as Secretary. On account of sickness of Treas. C. H. Ray was absent. The meeting opened with prayer by Comrade Perkins. The secretary's report was read and approved and also the treasurers report. Letters from these comrades were read: John B. Pollard, Ferguson, Mo; H. H. Austin, Akron, Ohio; David Bolster, New York city; E. A. Headle, Putney; W. D. Buxton, Londonderry; W. D. King, Brandon; V. A. Marsh, Belle Plain, Kansas; W. D. Derby, Keene, NH; D. S. White, Chicago; A. A. May, Meriden Conn. The following officers were chosen: President, L. A. Dodge, Worcester, Mass; Vice Pres, E. A. Hall, Plymouth; Secretary: A. D. Beckwith, Ludlow; Treasurer: C. H. Ray, Ludlow. Voted to hold the next reunion Sept., 1909, the date to be fixed by the Exec. committee. Capt. A. D. Beckwith was appointed to draft resolutions on the death of comrades E. E. Emery and Joseph Allen, who have died since the last meeting. A social time then followed. These attending the reunion from out of town were: L. A. Dodge, Worcester, Mass; P. S. Chase, Brattleboro; A. A. Whitney, Claremont, NH; H. A. Colby, Kellysville, NH; A. H. Pratt, Bellows Falls; Abel Ray, Reading; D. P. Perkins, N. Springfield; and E. A. Hall, Plymouth.

30 Sept., 1909: "Friday, the 24th of September, the day selected for the reunion of Co. "I" was a wet, disagreeable day, which probably kept several from attending, especially those who would have driven to Ludlow from the surrounding towns; as it was nineteen of the survivors of this old company were present in person; or sent letters of regret. The morning hours were spent for the most part in the Ludlow House recalling the incidents of the war to 1861-1865 in which they participated. At twelve o'clock the ladies invited the company to partake of one of their famous dinners, to which all did ample justice. The dinner was served in the banquet hall. At two o'clock, the secretary, Lt. Albert D. Beckwith, in absence of both the president and vice president, called the meeting to order and asked them to nominate some member to act as president pro tem. Albert A. May was the unanimous choice of the comrades. Comrade May assumed the responsibility with thanks to his associations for the honor thus conferred upon him. The regular routine business was transacted with dispatch and unanimity. After all the other business had been disposed of the following comrades were elected to serve as the officers of the association for the ensuing year. President, Albert A. May of Meriden, Conn. This is the third time Mr. May has thus been honored, he having held the position in 1885 and 1886. Vice Presided: Fred A Fish; Secretary: Albert D. Beckwith; Treasurer: Charles H. Ray; Executive Committee: all the resident members. The meeting then resolved itself into an informal round table talk each one speaking as the spirit moved without even rising to do so. Nearly everyone had something to say, and it was brought out that of the company present, or sending letters, nineteen in all, ten of them were original members of the company who drilled in the streets of Ludlow and left for the South land in June, 1861, and who for more than four years did their duty at the front. The members present or sending letters of regret were as follows: John Barrett, Albert D. Beckwith, Peter S. Chase of Brattleboro, Henry W. Colby of Newport, NH, Webster D. Derby of Putnam, Conn., Lorenzo A. Dodge of Worcester, Mass., Fred A. Fish, Volney S. Fullam, Eleazer A. Hall, of Plymouth, Elwin A Headle of Keene, NH, Henry G. Hemenway, Warren S. Leslie of Osawatomie, Kansas, Albert A. May, Meriden, Conn., Amos E. Nichols, Reading, D. Page Perkins, North Springfield, John H. Pollard, Ferguson, Missouri, Charles H. Ray, Harry C. Rogers of Walpole, NH, Alonzo A. Whitney of Claremont, NH, Vernon A. Marsh of Belle Plaine, Kansas. But one member of the company, so far as known has been called to answer to the last roll during the year, -- namely Michael Gilligan. The thanks of the comrades were extended to the ladies who so kindly furnished the dinner. It was understood without formal action, that the company would meet in Ludlow next year, probably sometime in August. It is doubtful if there is another company anywhere than can make a better showing. Many reunion of regiments do not have a larger attendance. Long may Company "I", 2nd Regiment Vermont Volunteers live to enjoy life in the Country they helped to save. The secretary has at the present time the addressees of forty-five of the members of this company, and a strenuous effort will be made to get out a large number of them next year."

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