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Fitch's Home for Soldiers and their Orphans, Darien, CT.


The Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs Site describes the home, in part, as follows:

Benjamin Fitch, philanthropist of Darien, established the home (in 1864) for Civil War veterans and for children whose fathers were killed in that war. The complex of buildings included a hospital, chapel, library, residence hall, and administrative facilities.

From 1864 to 1940 the Fitch Home served the needs of hundreds of orphans and thousands of men who served their country in various wars. Over two thousand of those veterans now rest in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Darien.

The Fitch home became the Connecticut State Veterans hospital in 1940 and relocated to Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Myra J. Davis, a native of Danville, VT, a teacher, was appointed the principal and matron of the home when it was opened in July 1864.

The following Vermont Civil War veterans are known to have been inmates at the Fitch Home:

Albee, Francis L. (0-1894), 8th CT INF
Hills, George (1836-1910), 16th NY INF, 17th VT INF
Lackey, George Washington (1840-1916), 10th VT INF
Lee, Thomas J. (1841-1919), 13th VT INF
Murphy, Eugene C. (1847-1923), 7th VT INF
Perkins, Charles A. (1840-1902), 12th VT INF
Potter, Charles H. (0-1920), 1st VT CAV, VRC
Remington, Frank A. (1839-1907), 1st VT CAV
Rood, Nathan G. (1837-1911), 16th VT INF
Smith, George H. (1844-0), 11th VT INF
Upham, John Jr. (1832-1917), 1st VT CAV

In addition, John Signam have some connection to Vermont, but does not appear to be a Civil War veteran: John Signam, listed as "Vermont militia" died there 9/15/1904. Nothing further found.