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The Soldiers' Home.

St. Johnsbury Caledonian, July 25, 1900

The annual meeting of the trustees of the Vermont soldiers' home was held at Bennington last week Tuesday afternoon with President Hugh Henry of Chester in the chair. There was a good representation of the board of trustees present. The board as now constituted is as follows: Redfield Proctor of Proctor, C. C. Kinsman of Rutland, Hugh Henry of Chester, J. C. STearns of Bradford, Josiah Grout of Derby, George T. Childs of St. Albans, Julius J. Esty of Brattleboro, z. M. Mansur of Island Pond, Frank Kenfield of Morrisville, A. S. Tracey of Middlebury, John R. McCullough of North Bennington, U. A. Woodbury and W. L. Greenleaf of Burlington, Ozro Meacham of Brandon, h. A. Huse of Montpelier, L. D. Hazen of St. Johnsbury, Cassius Peck of Brookfield and N. P. Bowman of St. Johnsbury. C. C. Kinsman of Rutland has been secretary since the home ws founded; J. C. Stearns of Bradford has been treasurer since 1890 and Hugh Henry of Chester has been president for the same length of time. Robert J. Coffey has been superintendent and Mrs. Coffey the matron since the home was opened in 1887. They were re-elected.

The number of admissions since the home was founded has been 402 and of re-admissions 56, making a total of 458. On June 30 the membership of the home was 83, of which 21 were on furlough. Since June 30, 1898, there have been 28 deaths. The number of deaths last year was 17. The total number of deaths since 1887 is 117. There are 15 in the hospital at present. Some $1400 was expended last year in repairing the reservoir at Hathaway hill. The total amount of appropriations by the state for the general expenses of the institution has been $143,000. This amount includes the erection of a chapel, additions, etc. At the business meeting all accounts of the officers were found to be correct, and it was decided to make some minor repairs on the home property. The trustees were pleased with the tidy and well kept appearance of the home.