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Soldiers' Home Hospital a Fact.

The hospital for the Soldiers' HOme at Bennington will be built. A meeting of the finance committee was held at the Bardwell house in Rutland recently and the contract awarded to the Eagle Square company of South Shaftsbury. The building will be located north of the home and connected with it by a covered walk. The building will be of wood, one story, but quite high posted. The front will contain two large reception rooms and in a wing running back will be the hospital ward. This will contain about 14 beds, with physicians' rooms, a room for medical supplies, bath rooms and a room for contagious diseases. The building will be finished in natural woods and will have the latest sanitary appliances. George Phillips has the contract for the mason work, and the work on the foundation was begun June 10. The structure is to be completed by August 1.

Source: Bellows Fall Times, 25 Jun 1891, page 3.


Vermont Towns.

Work on the extension of the Soldiers' Home hospital will be begun at once. The addition will be on the north side and will be large enough to contain several rooms each 9 by 9 feet. The grounds around the home never looked more inviting than they do now. Tulips and hyacinths are in blossom, the lawns are kept neatly trimmed and the grounds are daily visited by many pleasure seekers.

Source: Rutland Daily Herald, 3 May 1894.