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Ever wonder what, in today's dollars, a Civil War soldiers' pay was worth?

Try out this widget from WolframAlpha.

For example, a private, in 1861, was paid $13 from Uncle Sam, and $7 from the State of Vermont. Put 20 in the price field, and 1861 in the year field, to find what his monthly salary would be worth today.

To compare, an E-1/Private in 2010, made 1,447.20 monthly, nearly three times a Civil War recruit did.

For 1863 pay scales, see Major Ezra Webb's Army Pay Digest and Ready Calculator; or Regimental Pay Table, published by D. Van Nostrand, New York, 1863.

For 2010 pay scales, see the Defense Finance and Accounting Service's official pay chart for 2010.