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Middlebury College Roll of Honor


Class of 1850

Simeon Sylvester Willard (1830-1890), First Lieutenant and Captain, Ninety-eighth Regiment, New York Volunteers.

Class of 1852

John Howe (1833-1893), First Lieutenant, Company B, Second Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Lucretius Dewey Ross (1828-1902), Contract Surgeon, United States Army Hospital, Brattleboro, 1864-1865.

Class of 1853

William Keyes (1831-1884), served in Company B, Fifth Regiment, New York Volunteer Heavy Artillery, 1862-1865.

Edward Payson Stone (1830-1920), Chaplain, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1863.

William Wirt Walker (1831-1899), served in Company C, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

Class of 1854

Henry Monroe Haven (1828-1875), Captain, Twenty-Third Ohio Volunteers.

Class of 1855

Martin Luther Mead (1834-1899), Contract Surgeon, Fourth Regiment, Michigan Volunteers, 1862.

Class of 1856

Solomon Theophilus Allen (1832-1914), Captain, Company I, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

George Daniel Davenport (1832-1864), Private, Company H, Fifth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Sept. 2, 1861; First Sergeant, Sept. 16, 1861; First Lieutenant, Company G, Nov. 22, 1861; Captain, Company B, Dec. 2, 1862-1864. Died on the field from wounds received in the battle of the Wilderness, May 12, 1864.

Gardner Winslow Gibson (1835-1864), First Lieutenant Seventeenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Died in hospital in Washington, D. C., of wounds received in battle, June 14, 1864.

William Henry Nichols (1829-1913), member, Co. K, Third Iowa Regiment, 1862-1865.

Class of 1857

Henry Clay Allen ( -1905), Lieutenant Colonel, United States Volunteers.

Thomas Herbert Davis (1836-1867), Captain, Company B, First Regiment, Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. Captured in Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and imprisoned at Johnson's Island, from which he made a sensational escape to Canada. He returned to the Confederate army and was again captured, at Sailors' Creek, April 6, 1865.

Walter Chipman Dunton (1830-1890), Captain, Company H, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

Henry Benjamin Furness (1836-1911), Sergeant, Company B, Twenty-fourth Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers, 1862-1865.

Americus Vespucius Jewett (1836-1919), Private, Company H, Second Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, 1864-1865.

Henry Martyn Porter (1835-1907), Private, Seventh Regiment, New York National Guard, 1860-1861. Captain, Seventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1862; Major, same, 1862-1865; Lieutenant Colonel, 1865-1866.

Charles Williams Seaton (1831-1885), First Lieutenant, Company F, First Regiment, United States Sharpshooters, Aug. 15, 1861; Captain, Aug. 2, 1862. Wounded at Malvern Hill. Resigned May 15, 1863.

Horace Holmes Thomas (1831-1904), First Lieutenant and Assistant Adjutant General, Third Division, Second Army Corps. Brigadier General and Quartermaster General of Tennessee and Private Secretary to Gov. Brownlow until 1869.

Class of 1858

Nathaniel Merrill Ambrose (1836-1919), First Lieutenant and Adjutant, Third Regiment, P.H.B., Maryland Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1864; Captain, Company I, 1864-1865.

Samuel Emmons Burnham (1840-1900), Second Lieutenant, Company E, Fifth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Aug. 30, 1861; First Lieutenant, July 24, 1862; Captain, Oct. 6, 1862; resigned, Feb. 17, 1863.

Elias Dewey (1834-1920), Private and Sergeant, Company G, Twentieth Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, 1861-1865.

Ephraim Towner Kellogg (1836-1899), Corporal, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

John Edmund Parker (1838-1915), Corporal, Company A, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Oct. 2, 1861; promoted Sergeant; mustered out, Oct. 28, 1864.

George Arden Rockwood (1832-1899), Chaplain, Eighth Regiment, U.S.C.T., 1863-1865.

Albert Wilson Train ( -1891), served in 159th Ohio Volunteers.

William Harris Walker (1832-1896), enlisted and elected Captain, Company C, Sixteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, but obliged to resign because of attack of typhoid fever.

James Meech Warner (1836-1897), Colonel, Eleventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Brigadier General of Volunteers, and brevetted Brigadier General, U.S. A.

Class of 1859

Miles Powell Squier Cadwell (1831-1862), Captain, Company K, Twenty-Second Regiment, New York Volunteers. Killed at the battle of Bull Run, Aug. 29, 1862.

Class of 1860

John Quincy Dickinson (1836-1871), Second Lieutenant, Company C, Seventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Jan. 15, 1862; First Lieutenant, Oct. 9, 1862; quartermaster, Sept. 13, 1864; Captain, Company F, Aug. 22, 1865. Honorably discharged as Quartermaster, Oct. 10, 1865, for disability.

Charles Minot Hollis (1837-1907), engaged in recruiting regiments for the Union army, 1862-1863.

Samuel Lewis Minor (1840-1922), Sergeant, Company D, Sixty-Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, 1861-1863. Private, Company E, 137th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, May to Sept. 1864.

Charles Parmenter ( -1864), served in Company C, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Representative recruit for Justin S. Morrill. Killed in the Battle of Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864.

John Calvin Owen Redington (1837-1905), Private, Company K, Eighteenth Regiment, New York Volunteers, 1861. Captain, Company C, Sixtieth Regiment, New York Volunteers, 1861-1862; Lieutenant Colonel, Sixtieth Regiment, new York Volunteers, 1862-1863. Brevetted Colonel.

George A. Richardson (1834-1915), Commissary Sergeant, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Elijah Bernis Sherman (1832-1910), Second Lieutenant, Company C, Ninth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862. Lieutenant Colonel and Judge Advocate, First Brigade, Illinois National Guard, 1878-1884.

Henry Hobart Vail (1839-1925), Sergeant, Company C, 131st Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, 1864.

Class of 1861

Charles Emmet Abell (1836-1913), Second Sergeant, Company H, Fifth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1862. Captain, Company D, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

William Harvey Button (1842-1870), member, Company K, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1864-1865.

Sylvester Baron Partridge (1837-1912), Private, Company H, Ninety-second Regiment, New York volunteers, 1861; Second Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant, same regiment, 1862; First Lieutenant, Signal Corps, U.S.A., 1863; Chief Signal Officer, Twenty-fifth Army Corps, 1865; Brevet Captain, 1865; resigned, 1865.

Samuel Barrett Pettengill (1839-1909), Private, Company B, Seventh Rhode Island Cavalry.

Erastus Hibbard Phelps (1839-1916), served in the Union army as Paymaster's Clerk, 1864-1867.

Linus elias Sherman (1835-1912), First Lieutenant, Company A, Ninth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862; Captain, 1865. Resigned his commission, 1865.

James Bunyan Smith (1838-1921), First Lieutenant, Twenty-Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, 1861-1863. Captain, Company K, Thirty-sixth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers; Major, and Lieutenant Colonel, same, 1863-1865.

Class of 1862

Fernando Cortes Beaman (1836-1911), Captain, 98th New York Volunteers.

John Rollin Converse (1842-1864), Private, Co. I, 14th Infantry; Second Lieutenant, Co. H, Seventeenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, killed in action before Petersburg, VA, 30 Jul 1864.

Henry Augustus Eaton (1838-1864), Captain, Sixteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, wounded severely at Gettysburg, 3 Jul 1863; Captain, Co. D, later Major and Lieutenant-Colonel, Seventeenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, killed in action before Petersburg, VA, 30 Sep 1864.

John Ashley Fitch (1839-1891), Sergeant, Co. E, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Eli Holbrook Gale (1837-1912), Assistant Surgeon, 186th Pennsylvania Infantry 1864-1865.

Edward Harmon Hobbs (1835-1907), Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 98th New York Infantry.

Lyman Enos Knapp (1837-1904), Captain, Co. I, Sixteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers; Captain, Co. F, later Major and Lieutenant-Colonel, 17th Infantry.

Edward Henry Pettengill (1837-1900), Private, Co. D, Sixteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

David Kendall Simonds (1839-1917), served in 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers.

Charles Carroll Smith (1830-1906), Private, Co. E, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers 1862-1863.

Aldace Freeman Walker (1842-1901), First Lieutenant, Co. B, Captain, Co. C, later Major and Lieutenant-Colonel, Eleventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Class of 1863

Dexter Edmund Boyden (1834-1915), Private, Company F, First Regiment, Vermont Volunteers; First Sergeant, Company G, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers; Sergeant Major, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

William David Brennan (1839-1881), First Lieutenant, 142d New York Volunteers.

Franklin George Butterfield (1842-1916), Lieutenant Colonel, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Albert Abijah Crane (1836-1864), First Lieutenant, Company A, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Killed in the battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864.

George Graham (1840-1915), First Sergeant, Company G, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; First Lieutenant and Captain, same, till close of war.

Henry Herbert ( -1863), Captain, Second United States Sharpshooters. Died in 1863.

Daniel W. Holmes (1837-1913), Sergeant, Company F, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862. Second Lieutenant, Ninth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1863. Resigned commission, 1863.

Harrison Prindle (1839-1901), Adjutant, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

William Henry Proctor (1840-1917), enlisted in army, served in Company E, Second United States Sharpshooters; Company B, Sixth V.R.C.; and Twenty-fourth U.S.C.I., 1861-1865. Provost-Marshal, St. Mary's County, Md., during Civil War.

Albert Robbins Sabin (1837-1913), Captain, Company C, Ninth Vermont Volunteers.

Richard Stanley Tuthill (1841-1920), enlisted immediately after graduation, and served successively with Logan's Scouts and as Second and First Lieutenant in DeGolyer's Black Horse Battery (H of the First Michigan Light Artillery), in the Atlanta campaign with General Sherman and in the fighting about Nashville, receiving such promotions for meritorious service. He served till close of Civil War.

Class of 1864

George Hamilton Bailey (1839-1913), Private, Company B, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1863.

Henry Wallis Bennett (1838-1861), Color Sergeant, First Vermont Volunteers. Died at Fortress Monroe, Va., June 26, 1861.

Francis Gray Clark (1838-1921), enlisted as a private in Company G, Sixteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Aug. 28, 1862; First Lieutenant, Company F, Twenty-sixth Regiment, New York Cavalry (also known as the Frontier Cavalry), Jan. 4, 1865.

Francis Monroe Edgerton (1840-1907), Sergeant, Company B, Second Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1862; Second Lieutenant, Company F, 1862. First Lieutenant and Regimental Adjutant, 1862. Provost-Marshal, Vt. Brigade, same, Second Division, Sixth Army Corps, 1862. Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Howe. Discharged, 1864.

Daniel Crosby Greene (1843-1913), Private, Company B, Seventh Rhode Island Cavalry, May to Sept., 1862.

Louis Hunt Hemenway (1841-1925), enlisted, Aug. 9, 1862, Company K, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Discharged, July 14, 1863.

Erwin Van Ness Hitchcock Captain, Seventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Charles Jay Lewis Captain, Company D, Eleventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

John Abner Mead (1841-1920), Private, Company K, Twelfth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

Charles Edward Prentiss (1843-1906), clerk, U.S. Quartermaster's Department, 1862-1863.

Henry Dwight Smith (1841-1923), Sergeant, Company K, First Cavalry, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1865. Captured in Wilson's raid, near Richmond, about six months before the close of the war. From then until his discharge on Feb. 6, 1865, he was in Andersonville prison.

Cyrus Thomas, First Lieutenant, Eleventh Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Eugene Wilber, Captain, Company H, 166th New York Volunteers.

John Williamson, First Lieutenant, First Cavalry, Vermont Volunteers. Died from wounds received in battle, June 20, 1864.

Class of 1865

Hiram Taylor French, Captain, 142d New York Volunteers.

Evarts Kent, enlisted, Company A, Sixth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, Feb. 6, 1864; wounded in battle of Wilderness, May 6, 1864; discharged, Feb. 25, 1865.

Joel Harward Lucia, Sergeant, Co. D, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. First Lieutenant, Seventeenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers.

Charles Gastine Newton, Second Lieutenant, Tenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Killed in the battle of Cold Harbor, Va., June 4, 1864.

William Henry Rand, in U.S. Volunteer Service, 1862-1865.

Riley Erastus Wright, Captain, Company H, Fifteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers. Elected Major, March 1865.

Class of 1867

Nathan David Yale, enlisted in Berdan's United States Sharpshooters, Company F, 1862. Discharged for disability.

Class of 1868

Edwin Hall Higley, enlisted, Sept. 30, 1861, when a Sophomore, as a private in Company K, First Cavalry, Vermont Volunteers; First Sergeant, 1861-1862; Second Lieutenant, 1862-1865; Captain and Brevet Major, 1865. Imprisoned July 29, 1864-March, 1865. Served during the war and re-entered College< in 1865.

Elmer Elijah Phillips, member, Company C, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

Oscar Delieu Scott, enlisted as Corporal, Company F, Seventeenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1863. Discharged May 15, 1865. Re-entered College, 1865.

Class of 1869

Anthony Carr, enlisted in First Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861; company C, Ninth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862.

Lewis Henry Meacham, Lieutenant of a New York Regiment, 1864.

Horace Fay White, Private, Company A, Fourteenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1862-1863.

Class of 1870

Eugene Franklin Wright, Private, Company K, Second Regiment, Vermont Volunteers, 1861-1864.

Class of 1871

Gideon Egbert Clark, Private, Company M, Eleventh Regiment, New York Cavalry, 1862-1864. Second Lieutenant, 108th Regiment, U.S.C. Infantry, June 14, 1864; promoted, First Lieutenant, Aug. 5, 1865; discharged, March 21, 1866.

Source: Robinson, Duane L. "General Catalogue of Middlebury College." Middlebury: Publications Department of Middlebury College. 1950. pp 134-191. Used with permission.

Contributed by Hans Raum, Starr Library, Middlebury College

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