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Where did people come from? Where did they go after the war? Where are they buried?

The 1860 Census report indicated that 42% of the people born in Vermont were not living there at the time. Given that, it's logical to assume that 42% of the soldiers credited to Vermont units where not born there. In addition, it is quite possible that an equal number of Vermont-born soldiers were credited to other states. That appears to be a distinct possibility as we continue to find Vermont-born soldiers in other states in our research. Given the numbers we currently have, if nearly half of the 28,000 who served in Vermont units, or 11,600, were not born there, we may find that number who served elsewhere; we currently have almost 9,900. Just a thought.

This database retrieval will give you a list of soldiers credited to, born in, or buried in a particular town, including their service, birth/death dates and final resting place, if known. Credited to means the town where they enlisted, which may or may not be their town of residence at the time the joined up.

The list is pretty large, so I split it into cities/towns in Vermont, Other States, and Canada, as shown below.

Vermont Cities and Towns (sorted alphabetically)

Vermont Cities and Towns (sorted alphabetically within their respective counties)