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Soldiers credited to Berlin, VT

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The term 'credited to' is listed in the 1892 Revised Roster, and does not necessarily reflect birth or residency. For veterans who served in other units, this will be their place of birth as well as credit (irrespective of the town in the other state they enlisted in).

Alexander, Jabez, (1820-1901), 8th VT INF

Andrews, Samuel W., (1845-0), 2nd VT LARTY

Austin, Richard Henry, (1843-1908), 13th VT INF

Bailey, Charles Plastridge, (1840-1911), 7th VT INF

Bailey, George Curtis, (1842-1918), 13th VT INF

Bailey, Joel C., (1845-1928), 7th VT INF

Bailey, Joshua Merrill, (1841-1874), 13th VT INF

Bartlett, John H., (1844-1926), 8th VT INF

Bean, William R., (1842-1894), 2nd VT INF

Beede, Horatio G., (1840-1864), 13th VT INF

Benjamin, Samuel Webster, (1842-1918), 13th VT INF

Blair, William, (1846-1873), 13th VT INF

Blanchard, Winslow Lafayette, (1837-1918), 13th VT INF

Braley, Alson Henry, (1846-1921), 9th VT INF

Brown, Chester, (1839-1898), 2nd VT INF

Brown, Ralph, (0-1863), 6th NH INF

Burke, John, (1845-1894), 3rd VT INF

Butterfield, Sylvester C., (1820-0), 16th NY HARTY

Carpenter, Jedediah, (1847-1870), 8th VT INF

Cayhue, Jesse, (1846-1913), 3rd VT LARTY

Celley, Charles M. D., (1837-1920), 2nd VT INF

Celley, Don Birney, (1841-1921), 9th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 1st ME INF

Chase, Nelson W., (1840-1907), 6th VT INF

Cilley, James M. D., (1833-1901), Recruit

Clark, Benjamin F., (1839-1863), 1st VT LARTY

Colby, Stephen R., (1847-1914), 8th VT INF

Comings, Erastus Darwin, (0-0), 6th NH INF

Constantine, Geroge W., (0-1865), 3rd NH INF

Crandall, John B., (1840-1911), 6th VT INF, 13th VT INF, USA

Crandall, Richard Bailey, (1837-1864), 6th VT INF

Cressey, Clark D., (1839-1864), 13th VT INF

Cross, John K., (1841-1917), 13th VT INF

Crozier, Samuel, (1832-0), 13th VT INF

Cummins, Jesse D., (1831-1864), 2nd VT INF

Daniels, Orrin L., (1833-1913), 1st NY LARTY

Darling, Albert, (1834-1909), 2nd VT INF

Davenport, John P., (1840-1863), 2nd VT INF

Davis, Andrew J., (1840-1864), 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Dewey, Frederick Freeman, (1820-1873), 150th NY INF

Dow, Lorenzo, (1845-1869), 2nd VT LARTY

Dow, William H., (1840-1871), 2nd VT LARTY

Dunn, Richard, (1842-0), 4th VT INF

Eastman, Ezra, (1823-1863), 12th NH INF

Emerson, Francis, (1845-1864), 3rd VT LARTY

Farnham, William, (1824-1894), 1st VT CAV

Fenton, Bartholomew, (1840-1923), 6th VT INF

Fisk, Elbridge G., (1847-1865), 7th VT INF

George, William S., (1830-1864), 2nd VT INF

Goodwin, Lucius J., (1846-1919), 4th VT INF, 7th VT INF

Green, Charles B., (1840-0), 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF

Greenleaf, Calvin W., (1819-1864), 7th VT INF

Hackett, John C., (1817-1873), 6th VT INF

Hadlock, Elijah N., (1833-1896), 7th VT INF

Hadlock, Hubbard E., (1846-1913), 7th VT INF

Hadlock, Lucius D., (1841-1886), 2nd VT INF

Harran, Charles, (1835-1921), 2nd VT INF

Harran, Ira L., (1837-0), 2nd VT INF

Hartwell, Charles C., (1835-1863), 2nd VT INF

Hatch, Paschal, (1818-1864), 7th VT INF

Hatch, Simeon, (1832-1892), 6th VT INF

Hatch, Stillman A., (1843-1920), 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF

Hayden, George S., (1843-1888), 4th VT INF

Henry, Wilbur E., (1844-1893), 17th VT INF

Hill, Daniel J., (1830-0), 1st VT CAV, VRC

Hill, Obediah W., (1834-0), 2nd VT INF

Hornbrook, Timothy, (1842-1874), 2nd VT INF

Horton, William O., (1832-0), 7th VT INF

House, Dewitt Clinton, (1828-1901), 6th MN INF

Howe, Asbrah P., (1831-1897), 4th NH INF

Hunt, William H., (0-0), Recruit

Huse, John Flavel, (1839-1911), 1st VT CAV

Jandreau, Charles, (1842-1864), 10th VT INF

Johnson, Henry F., (1844-1933), 2nd VT INF, VRC

Johnston, Valancourt Cady, (1844-1898), 2nd NH INF, 4th MA CAV

Kelley, Jeremiah, (1832-1864), 11th VT INF

Kibbie, Nathaniel C., (1816-1912), 1st VT LARTY

Labarron, Franklin T., (1845-0), 8th VT INF

Larock, William, (1836-1862), 2nd VT INF

Lasure, Benjamin C., (1841-1862), 1st NENG CAV

Lawrence, George, (1834-1864), 2nd VT INF

Lawrence, Leonard P., (1838-1924), 2nd VT INF

Lezer, Abraham, (1818-1863), 13th VT INF

Lothrop, Josiah, (1816-1864), 1st VT LARTY

Lucier, Oliver, (1841-0), 13th VT INF

Marble, Durham A., (1838-1915), 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF

Mariner, Lewis, (1845-0), 2nd VT INF

McCarty, John, (1830-1864), 11th VT INF

Miles, Henry A., (1844-1881), 13th VT INF

Naylor, Charles Daniel, (1836-1902), 11th VT INF

Nye, Cornelius, (1827-1864), 2nd VT INF

Parmenter, John W., (1848-1911), 3rd VT LARTY

Perrin, William Burton, (1839-1907), 3rd VT LARTY, 7th SQDRN RI CAV

Phelps, John F., (1833-1895), 8th VT INF

Preston, Henry E., (1846-1925), 9th VT INF

Randall, James F., (1838-1903), 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 7th VT INF

Reed, Ai M., (1845-1916), 7th VT INF

Reed, Alfred M., (1843-1862), 8th VT INF

Reed, Andrew J., (1841-1863), 8th VT INF

Reed, Daniel Socrates, (1820-1865), 142nd NY INF

Reed, David C., (1818-1865), 142nd NY INF

Reed, Guy M., (1847-1880), 7th VT INF

Robinson, George Sylvanus, (1831-1920), 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Rollins, David, (1839-1904), 3rd VT INF, 7th VT INF

Rowell, Aaron, (1845-1926), 8th VT INF

Rowell, Gardner P., (1841-1905), 13th VT INF

Rowley, Reuben, (1823-1892), 13th VT INF

Rumney, Edwin Ezra, (1842-1931), 57th MA INF

Sanders, Carlisle, (1837-1864), 2nd VT INF

Sargent, Harlan P., (1838-1863), 9th VT INF

Shattuck, George, (1839-1905), 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Silloway, David C., (1826-1898), 13th VT INF

Silloway, Joseph B., (1835-1893), 13th VT INF

Slattery, Joseph, (1823-1888), 2nd VT INF

Smith, Charles, (1837-1905), 4th VT INF

Stewart, Rollin Davis, (1839-1915), 13th VT INF

Stewart, Stephen G., (1838-1897), 10th VT INF

Stewart, Willis P., (1842-1863), 13th VT INF

Stickney, Daniel K., (1844-1863), 2nd VT INF

Stickney, Horace M., (0-1868), 2nd VT INF

Stickney, William O., (1839-1905), 1st VT CAV

Stone, David K., (1846-1895), 17th VT INF

Stone, Edward Payson, (1830-1920), 6th VT INF

Stone, John M., (1835-1915), 1st VT INF

Taylor, Arthur W., (1843-1863), 13th VT INF

Taylor, John W., (1819-1864), 6th VT INF

Thompson, Alfred Bowers, (1834-1916), 13th VT INF

Tilden, Charles, (1829-0), 3rd VT INF

Tuxbury, Hiram J., (1833-1902), 4th VT INF, 6th NH INF

Varnum, Henry C., (1837-1909), 7th VT INF

Wade, George L., (1846-1911), 7th VT INF

Wade, Joshua, (1830-1862), 7th VT INF

Wheelock, Frank, (1845-1928), 8th VT INF

Whitney, Alfred S., (1828-1876), 11th VT INF

Willey, William W., (1817-1880), 11th VT INF, 13th VT INF

Wright, Lewis C., (1837-1862), 2nd MA INF

Wrisley, Luke S., (1834-1926), 52nd MA INF

Yale, Thomas B., (1827-1912), 108th NY INF

Yatter, William, (1848-1886), 3rd VT LARTY

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