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Soldiers credited to Bethel, VT

(See also: Born in Bethel -- Credited to Bethel, -- Buried in Bethel, -- Buried in Vermont, -- Buried in other states -- Not located since. -- Select another town to review)

The term 'credited to' is listed in the 1892 Revised Roster, and does not necessarily reflect birth or residency. For veterans who served in other units, this will be their place of birth as well as credit (irrespective of the town in the other state they enlisted in).

Abbott, Albert E., (1841-1914), 4th VT INF

Abbott, Azro A., (1834-1921), 4th VT INF

Abbott, Calvin B., (1825-1907), 8th VT INF

Abbott, Curtis, (1841-1935), 2nd USSS, 4th VT INF

Abbott, James H., (1848-1889), 16th VT INF

Abbott, William N., (1832-1917), 3rd VT INF

Atwood, Lorenzo D., (1826-1899), 43rd WI INF

Axtell, F. Channing, (1843-1862), 6th VT INF

Baker, Archibald C., (1837-1865), 4th VT INF

Ballou, Church G., (1837-1888), Recruit

Barnes, Albert G., (1837-1908), 16th VT INF

Barnes, Edward P., (1846-1904), 9th VT INF

Barrett, Samuel Jr., (1841-1886), 16th VT INF

Batchelder, Joseph Wentworth, (1825-1888), 65th IL INF

Bates, Lewis B., (1841-1923), 8th VT INF

Bean, John, (1836-1920), 16th VT INF

Berry, Nelson H., (1832-1880), 7th KS CAV

Blake, Levi F., (1836-1925), 10th VT INF

Bowen, Azro B., (1838-1933), 9th VT INF

Bowen, Lorenzo D., (1830-1908), 16th VT INF

Bowen, William Carlos, (1830-1896), 20th IA INF

Brooks, Eugene M., (1837-1863), 16th VT INF

Buck, Samuel L., (1820-1892), 2nd NJ INF

Buck, Sidney S., (1834-1886), 103rd IL INF

Bullard, Franklin, (1843-1918), 6th VT INF

Bundy, Lewis S., (1837-1914), 4th VT INF

Burnham, Lorenzo D., (1839-1887), 16th VT INF

Buzzell, Azro, (1842-1865), 2nd VT INF

Byam, Abel, (1831-1900), 16th VT INF

Carney, Patrick, (1845-1911), 11th VT INF

Chadwick, Constantine B., (1826-1906), 11th VT INF

Chamberlin, Amos B., (1823-1891), 16th VT INF

Chapman, Albert W., (1841-1867), 6th VT INF, VRC

Chase, Zolva W., (1842-1920), 8th VT INF

Chatfield, Dexter L., (1840-1919), 16th VT INF

Clough, Daniel Moulton, (1827-1911), 16th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Coburn, Joseph P., (1823-1897), 10th MA INF

Cota, Dennis, (1837-0), 11th VT INF

Cowen, William F., (1837-1907), 4th VT INF

Cram, Amariah C., (1825-1882), 4th VT INF

Cross, Solomon A., (1828-1879), 16th VT INF

Danforth, Eugene A., (1842-0), 1st NENG CAV

Davis, Emilus, (1816-0), 1st USSS

Davis, Joseph A., (1827-1900), 12th NJ INF

Day, Kilburn, (1815-1900), 8th VT INF

Dean, William L., (1845-1864), 3rd VT LARTY

Denary, Henry R., (1837-0), Manchester Mechanics, Phalanx

Dewey, Henry S., (1830-0), 16th VT INF

Dewey, Seymour G., (1837-1871), 6th VT INF

Dunham, William Allen, (1845-1916), 8th VT INF

Dunton, Frank B., (1832-1894), 7th VT INF

Durkee, Tracy S., (1843-1908), 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS

Dustin, Azro, (1839-1893), 2nd VT INF

Dustin, George M. D., (1843-1862), 2nd VT INF

Dustin, Timothy, (1827-1863), 1st VT LARTY

Dyke, Horace Meeker, (1834-1861), 2nd KS INF

Emery, Ezra H., (1831-1863), 8th VT INF

Emery, George S., (1844-1920), 16th VT INF

Emery, Ira Jr., (1840-1863), 16th VT INF

Emery, Lyman Steven, (1839-1900), 16th VT INF

Evans, Ernest R., (1846-1909), 9th VT INF

Fairbanks, Alfred de Calvus, (1843-1899), 2nd USSS, VRC

Fairbanks, Charles, (1846-1922), 2nd USSS

Fairbanks, John, (1840-1920), 3rd VT INF, VRC

Fairbanks, Luke Bowen, (1838-1907), 3rd VT INF

Fifield, Freeman, (1824-1879), 9th VT INF

Fisher, Curtis O., (1839-1862), 4th VT INF

Flinn, Lewis, (1835-0), 4th IA CAV

Flint, Henry W., (1839-1921), 16th VT INF

Flynn, Thomas, (1843-0), 1st VT CAV

Freelen, James Steins, (1820-1907), 4th VT INF

French, Levi P., (1838-1875), 6th VT INF

Gage, James D., (1842-1924), 1st NENG CAV

Gee, Eastman, (1845-1863), 16th VT INF

Gee, William H., (1842-1910), 16th VT INF

Gibbs, Moses T., (1841-1862), 36th IL INF

Goodell, Almond C., (1848-1890), 8th VT INF, VRC

Granger, Daniel, (1833-1862), 6th VT INF

Granger, John, (1835-1866), 6th VT INF, 8th VT INF

Green, Carlton, (1845-1865), 4th VT INF

Green, George E., (1830-1908), 16th VT INF, USA

Greenleaf, William H., (1844-0), 2nd VT INF

Grow, Henry H., (1840-0), 8th VT INF

Hardy, Charles H., (1845-1864), 6th VT INF

Harlow, Henry C., (1839-1864), 17th VT INF

Harrington, John H., (1823-1894), 2nd VT LARTY, 118th NY INF

Herrick, Edward Waldo, (1837-1893), 155th IL INF

Hibbard, John Billings, (1841-1897), 14th NH INF

Hibbard, Nash, (1838-1918), 3rd VT INF

Hibbard, Newell H., (0-1894), 8th VT INF

Hibbard, Ransom S., (1845-0), 16th VT INF

Hinckley, Oscar Burnham, (1843-1918), 96th NY INF

Houghton, Byron R., (1844-1936), 2nd USSS, VRC

Howard, Henry W., (1846-0), 16th VT INF17th VT INF

Inman, Almeron C., (1840-1895), 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Jones, Charles N., (1817-1875), 1st VT CAV

Kimball, Orvis F., (1840-1863), 1st VT CAV

Lillie, Norman W., (1828-1911), 16th VT INF

Lillie, Robert Burns, (1838-1911), 4th VT INF

Lynch, John Whiting, (1834-1901), 1st VT CAV

Lynds, Nathaniel G., (1824-1865), 8th VT INF, 3rd NY INF, VRC

Mack, John, (0-0), Recruit

Magiveny, William, (1826-1912), 11th VT INF

Marks, Frederick H., (1834-1891), 11th VT INF

Marr, Patrick Jr., (1840-1911), 16th VT INF

Marsh, Charles A., (1844-1906), 5th IA INF

Martin, John Ransom, (1840-1908), 16th VT INF

McPherson, Nelson, (1833-1895), 16th VT INF

Meagher, John, (1847-1932), 193rd NY INF

Merrill, Marshall H., (1821-1864), 8th VT INF

Miner, Henry H., (1828-1907), 8th VT INF

Moody, Marcus A., (1840-1912), 16th VT INF

Moore, Orville E., (1841-1900), 2nd VT INF

Mosher, Henry E., (1843-1909), 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS

Neff, Charles A., (1839-1908), 16th VT INF

Nelson, John B., (1833-1872), 15th NH INF

Newell, Cornelius C, (1826-1909), 106th IL INF

Newell, William, (1833-1864), 8th VT INF

Noyes, Nathan, (1832-1912), 16th VT INF

O'Donnell, Thomas, (1824-1869), 1st VT CAV

Packard, George W., (1836-1906), 1st VT INF, 8th VT INF

Page, Charles L., (1842-1863), 4th VT INF

Paige, Merrick G., (1835-1864), 3rd VT INF

Pearson, Arthur M., (1837-1876), 2nd VT INF

Pearson, Granville Livermore, (1839-1888), 2nd VT INF

Peek, Henry Clay, (1837-1924), 15th IL CAV, 1st AL CAV

Perkins, William H. H., (1840-1922), 16th VT INF

Pettis, John, (1842-1921), 11th VT INF

Petty, Charles W., (1844-1865), 9th VT INF, 14th VT INF

Preston, James M., (1843-1915), 9th VT INF, 13th US INF

Putnam, Abel H., (1838-1862), 3rd VT INF

Rice, John, (1842-1864), 10th VT INF

Rice, Loren M., (1842-1864), 10th VT INF

Rich, James D., (1834-0), 11th VT INF, 8th VT INF, 80th USCI

Rich, Jonathan M., (1837-0), 16th VT INF, 28th IL INF, 91st IL INF

Rindge, Nehemiah W., (1819-1898), 9th VT INF

Rogers, Daniel A., (1831-1862), 6th VT INF

Rogers, Eugene, (1843-1911), 8th VT INF, VRC

Rogers, Rufus S., (1841-1908), 16th VT INF

Rogers, William J., (1831-1904), 16th VT INF

Rollins, William H., (1840-1890), 15th VT INF, 9th VT INF

Rowe, Harry, (1836-1909), 4th VT INF

Rowe, Lyman P., (1839-1907), 4th VT INF

Russell, Charles, (1842-1863), 16th VT INF

Ryan, Daniel H., (1832-1881), 1st VT CAV

Sault, Edward T., (1840-1909), 2nd USSS

Sault, Lewis, (1843-1892), 2nd USSS

Scott, Horatio N., (1823-1896), 17th VT INF

Smith, Asa, (1833-1864), 9th IL CAV

Smith, Stillman B., (1838-1863), 16th VT INF

Spaulding, John A., (1840-1899), 3rd VT INF

Spooner, Albert, (1842-1862), 4th VT INF

Spooner, Alonzo Harrison, (1844-1925), 16th VT INF

Spooner, Irvin W., (1837-1923), 4th VT INF

Stevens, Collamer G., (1839-1869), 8th VT INF

Stuart, Ernest B., (1844-0), 9th VT INF, VRC

Thomas, George S., (0-1891), 1st VT CAV

Thresher, Edwin Freeman, (1840-1898), 8th VT INF

Tilson, William Francis, (1844-1910), 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS

Tinkham, James G., (1841-1915), 2nd VT INF, 6th VT INF, 127th USCI

Torrey, David, (1836-1882), 16th VT INF

Turner, Andrew W., (1840-1916), 9th VT INF

Turner, Lewis W., (1841-1917), 9th VT INF

Washburn, Andrew J., (1824-1897), 16th VT INF

Washburn, James Loring, (1828-1886), 16th VT INF

Webster, Benjamin F., (1845-1863), 11th VT INF

Wedgewood, George E., (1841-1863), 8th VT INF

Wellington, Lyman, (1826-1864), 142nd NY INF

Wheeler, Ferdinand, (1829-1864), 11th VT INF

Wheeler, Wilber G., (0-1862), Recruit

Whittaker, Paschal D., (1836-1912), 4th VT INF

Williams, John Kimball, (1836-1916), 104th IL INF

Williams, Thomas R., (1836-1863), 2nd VT INF

Williams, Wallace Edward, (1841-1904), 2nd VT INF

Willis, Don Lothrop, (1843-1864), 17th VT INF

Wilson, Don C., (1839-1862), 3rd VT INF

Wilson, Hiram, (1827-1902), 19th WI INF

Wilson, Robert J., (1830-1904), 9th VT INF

Young, Samuel B., (1837-1884), 16th VT INF

Young, William P., (1843-1920), 4th VT INF

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