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Soldiers credited to Brookfield, VT

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The term 'credited to' is listed in the 1892 Revised Roster, and does not necessarily reflect birth or residency. For veterans who served in other units, this will be their place of birth as well as credit (irrespective of the town in the other state they enlisted in).

Abbott, Royal Jr., (1834-1895), 15th VT INF

Allis, Egbert Harris, (1836-1863), USN

Annis, Salmon Pulsifer, (1810-1876), 11th VT INF, VRC

Bannister, John, (1844-1916), 9th VT INF

Bannister, William, (1836-1901), 9th VT INF, 15th VT INF

Barnes, Benjamin F., (1831-1916), 92nd NY INF

Beedle, Henry A., (1844-1864), 9th VT INF

Bigelow, Edwin C., (1837-1898), 15th VT INF

Bigelow, Robert C., (1841-1905), 15th VT INF

Blakely, Lewis J., (1847-1928), 7th VT INF

Blanchard, Timothy, (1840-1925), 1st VT CAV, VRC

Boyce, George Alden, (1835-1914), 11th VT INF

Boyce, Henry M., (1840-1918), 11th VT INF

Boyce, Orza, (1843-1905), 4th VT INF

Braley, John W., (1841-1922), 4th VT INF

Briggs, Henry H., (1841-1891), 8th VT INF

Brigham, Daniel P., (1816-1890), 108th NY INF

Brown, John M., (1846-1909), 38th MA INF

Bruce, Edmund H., (1830-1908), 12th VT INF

Bruce, Twing, (1844-1903), 1st VT CAV

Cahill, Thomas, (1840-1905), 17th VT INF, 1st VT CAV

Carl, Octavius, (1838-1914), 4th VT INF

Carpenter, Ira, (1839-1930), 15th VT INF

Carpenter, Marshall A., (1836-1908), 15th VT INF

Chamberlain, John H., (1842-0), 11th MA INF

Cheney, Alpheus H., (1838-1926), 10th VT INF, 41st US CINF

Claflin, George W., (1838-1862), 7th VT INF

Claflin, Hollis O., (1840-1880), 1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Claflin, Levi D., (1844-1864), 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Clark, Urial Abbott Jr., (1807-1897), 10th VT INF

Coburn, Silas Marcellus, (1826-0), 7th IA CAV, 7th IA CAV REORG

Collins, Moses, (1836-1896), 12th VT INF

Colt, Daniel Jr., (1831-1864), 6th VT INF

Conland, Martin, (1822-1897), 17th VT INF

Cram, Abram E., (1830-1914), 8th VT INF

Cram, Merrill H., (1843-1923), 4th VT INF, 1st USSS

Crocker, Charles H., (1843-1864), 10th VT INF

Davenport, Norman B., (1841-1926), 9th VT INF

Davis, John, (1840-0), 8th VT INF

Davis, Norris L., (1833-1897), 15th VT INF

Dewey, Andrew Spencer, (1833-1862), 55th IL INF

Ditty, William Jr., (1833-0), 14th WI INF

Dompier, Isaiah, (1840-0), 7th VT INF

Donahue, John D., (1840-0), 15th VT INF

Downing, Jesse W., (1845-0), 9th VT INF

Downing, Lucius, (1844-1880), 10th VT INF, VRC

Downing, Marshall D., (1844-1892), 11th VT INF

Downing, Simeon L., (1840-0), 4th VT INF

Dudley, Orin P., (1843-1912), 1st VT CAV

Dupuis, Antoine, (1835-1864), 8th VT INF

Durkee, Sidney, (1843-1864), 9th VT INF

Durway, Joseph, (1830-1917), 5th NY HARTY

Edson, Charles A., (1840-1864), 10th VT INF

Edson, Henry L., (1840-1914), 1st VT CAV

Edson, Myron Winslow, (1834-1910), 12th VT INF

Emery, George A., (1844-1904), 10th VT INF

Emery, Silas, (1816-1884), 12th VT INF

Erskine, Edson S., (1844-1929), 15th VT INF

Fisher, Lewis E., (1845-1892), 10th VT INF

Fisk, Charles A., (1848-1933), 17th VT INF

Foster, James A., (1823-1901), 2nd USSS

Freeman, Austin, (1840-1923), 1st VT CAV

Freeman, Henry F., (1839-1864), 10th VT INF

Freeman, Julius, (1835-1919), 10th VT INF

Fullam, Calvin, (1827-1900), 4th VT INF, VRC

Fullam, Levi N., (1819-1863), 10th VT INF

Fuller, James Elliot, (1833-1864), 7th VT INF

Gallagher, James G., (1835-1913), 4th VT INF

Gilligan, Patrick C., (1839-1908), 1st VT CAV

Gilman, Hiram W., (1830-1918), Recruit

Glysson, Edward A., (1841-1921), Recruit

Graves, Nelson C., (1836-1907), 1st IL LARTY, 2nd IL LARTY

Graves, Oscar E., (1841-1911), 4th VT INF

Graves, Robert Blynn, (1832-1908), 5th IL IND LARTY

Graves, William Eugene, (1834-0), 10th NY CAV

Hall, Edwin Clifton, (1845-1913), 10th VT INF, 15th VT INF

Haslett, Charles Brewer, (0-1902), 8th KS INF

Hayward, Samuel A., (1816-1880), 1st VT CAV

Heath, John F., (1832-1924), 15th VT INF

Herrick, Denslow E., (1830-1907), 15th VT INF

Hibbard, Edwin S., (1839-1876), 15th VT INF

Hibbard, Franklin P., (1843-1864), 10th VT INF

Hibbard, Oliver D., (1840-1920), 3rd VT INF

Hovey, Charles W., (1843-1863), 15th VT INF

Hudson, Horace Leeman, (1834-1877), 15th IA INF

Hutchins, John A., (1842-0), 60th NY INF, VRC

Hutchinson, William Alpheus, (1838-1922), 9th IL CAV

Ingalls, Harvey, (1836-1918), 75th IL INF

Jacobs, James Thompson, (1834-1862), 9th VT INF

Kent, George Henry, (1839-1880), 4th VT INF

Kent, Sanford Harrison, (1837-1920), 1st VT CAV

Kent, William Erastus, (1825-1909), 15th VT INF

Kingsbury, Frederick, (1829-1864), 4th VT INF

Kingsbury, George, (1843-1872), 10th VT INF

Kinney, Andrew J., (1818-1863), 8th VT INF

Kinney, George Franklin, (1833-1862), 10th VT INF

LaMott, James, (1838-1922), 15th VT INF

Leonard, Hibbard, (1837-0), 15th VT INF

Lovejoy, Arthur Page, (1843-1911), 1st VT CAV

Lovejoy, Franklin, (1845-1861), 6th VT INF

Lowell, Gilbert W., (1842-1864), 3rd VT INF

Lunt, Plummer F., (1844-1864), 10th VT INF

Lyman, David, (1828-1886), 10th VT INF

Lyons, Charles C., (1840-1924), 12th VT INF

Martin, Albert, (1838-1886), 7th VT INF

Mason, George E., (1844-1919), 10th VT INF

McVay, John, (1833-1886), 15th VT INF

Morrill, John Ferris, (1837-1865), 8th VT INF

Morse, Albert J., (1844-1916), 7th VT INF

Morse, David Milton, (1837-1862), 3rd VT INF

Morse, Elihu L., (1818-1863), 6th NH INF

Munn, Josiah B., (1840-1913), 12th VT INF

Murray, Beman, (1837-1879), 6th NY HARTY

Paine, Eugene, (1839-1919), 1st USSS

Paine, Irving H., (1843-1910), 4th VT INF

Parmenter, Jonas K., (1833-0), 6th VT INF

Partridge, Edmund E., (1834-1920), 100th NY INF

Pearsons, George H., (1842-1864), 9th VT INF

Peck, Cassius, (1842-1913), 1st USSS

Perham, William H., (1841-1930), 15th VT INF

Pettis, Cornelius, (1843-1906), 15th VT INF

Raymore, George W., (1839-1862), 4th VT INF

Raymore, John W., (1845-0), 10th VT INF

Reed, Chester L., (1832-1864), 10th VT INF

Reed, James T., (1834-0), 1st VT CAV, VRC

Reed, Samuel P., (1841-1862), 4th VT INF

Rice, Charles L., (1832-0), 10th VT INF, 7th USCI

Rice, George E., (1843-1929), 10th VT INF

Richards, George, (1840-1904), 8th VT INF

Richards, Joseph, (1836-1889), 8th VT INF

Robbins, George C., (1841-1907), 7th VT INF

Rood, Charles N., (1838-1864), 12th VT INF, 17th VT INF

Rood, Oliver, (1843-1932), 8th VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY

Rouhan, James, (1837-1914), 1st VT CAV

Salsbury, Ebenezer, (1846-1864), 17th VT INF

Sessions, Myron H., (1829-1899), 1st NENG CAV

Sinclair, Albert M., (1842-1864), 4th VT INF

Smalley, Aaron K., (1846-1916), 10th VT INF

Smalley, Alfred B., (1842-1901), 10th VT INF

Smalley, Henry W., (1846-1908), 1st VT CAV

Smith, Austin A., (1832-1896), 15th VT INF

Smith, Dennis P., (1845-1868), 1st VT CAV

Smith, Elijah L., (1829-1909), 6th NH INF

Smith, Horace T., (1845-1914), 10th VT INF

Smith, John A. Jr., (1840-1927), 8th VT INF, 12th VT INF

Smith, Josiah, (1839-1918), 8th VT INF, VRC

Smith, Nathan C., (1836-1864), 9th VT INF

Smith, Salmon Horace Jr., (1846-1863), USN

Smith, William Dana, (1844-0), 7th VT INF

Sprague, Edwin A., (1836-1912), 15th VT INF

Stanley, John Converse, (1845-1916), 7th VT INF

Stemlin, John, (1842-0), 8th VT INF

Stratton, Carlos E., (1844-1890), 15th VT INF

Trask, Charles M., (1836-1891), 5th NH INF

Walbridge, Rodney W., (1838-1921), 4th VT INF

Wardner, Leroy M., (1841-1896), 1st VT CAV

Wardwell, Edwin A., (1827-1866), 11th VT INF, VRC

Watt, William, (1844-0), 10th VT INF

Webster, Oramel, (1832-1861), 4th VT INF

Wells, Simeon, (1844-1897), 20th NY CAV

Wells, William Jr., (1825-1864), 1st USSS

Wheatley, Alson N., (1846-1922), 9th VT INF

Wheatley, Edward C., (1844-1900), 15th VT INF

Whitney, Alonzo B., (1840-1864), 10th VT INF, 26th USCI

Whitney, David, (1844-1927), 10th VT INF, 15th VT INF

Wilcox, Charles Wilbur, (1836-1913), 9th NH INF

Wilkey, Alexander, (1843-1920), 10th VT INF

Williams, Ira, (1838-1907), 2nd VT INF

York, Edwin D., (1838-1907), 20th IN LARTY

York, Joseph, (1837-1864), 17th US INF

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