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Soldiers credited to Marlboro, VT

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The term 'credited to' is listed in the 1892 Revised Roster, and does not necessarily reflect birth or residency. For veterans who served in other units, this will be their place of birth as well as credit (irrespective of the town in the other state they enlisted in).

Adams, George Henry, (1848-1923), 2nd USSS

Adams, Simeon Jr., (1844-1917), 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS

Aldrich, Roswell O., (1838-1899), 16th NH INF

Baldwin, Edward P., (1843-1862), 2nd VT INF

Barber, Gilbert A., (1831-1905), 16th VT INF

Barrett, Isaac S., (1830-1872), 175th NY INF

Bartlett, Justin, (1815-1888), 8th VT INF

Bellows, Willard, (1838-1911), 16th VT INF

Bishop, George Isaac, (1843-1920), 8th VT INF

Blake, Edward A., (1829-1863), 16th CT INF

Blakesley, Horace, (1820-1886), 4th VT INF

Blanchard, Amos P., (1839-1922), 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF

Bowen, James L., (1842-1919), 27th MA INF

Brayman, Lewis Sidney, (1825-1896), 8th VT INF

Brown, Frank, (1844-0), 8th VT INF, 98th USCI

Bruce, George A., (1842-1922), 16th VT INF

Bruce, Warren Ellis, (1837-1909), 13th MA INF

Buck, William, (1821-1865), 9th VT INF

Butler, Herbert J., (1846-1864), 8th VT INF

Cady, Henry, (1843-1910), 8th VT INF, 10th MA INF

Carpenter, Ralph W., (1834-1911), 11th VT INF

Chadwick, Almon P., (1832-1908), 123rd NY INF

Chadwick, Milo, (1826-1886), 123rd NY INF

Charter, King D., (1825-1886), 2nd VT INF

Cheney, Harry, (1823-1901), 10th VT INF

Clark, Francis E., (1841-1918), 21st MA INF

Cressy, Henry Wheeler, (1824-1864), 25th WI INF

Cross, Addison, (1841-0), 11th MA INF, 9th VT INF

Davis, Leander, (1826-1865), 10th VT INF

Dunklee, Willard S., (1826-1865), 8th VT INF

Fay, Daniel A., (1842-1902), 16th VT INF

Fisher, Elijah B., (1829-1864), 2nd VT INF

Fisher, Mansfield Bruce, (1841-1862), Recruit

Gould, George H., (1839-0), 9th VT INF, 17th US INF

Halladay, David Monroe, (1831-1917), 9th MI INF

Harlow, Horace, (1827-0), 8th VT INF

Higley, Elliott John, (1842-1918), 8th VT INF

Higley, Orange, (1838-1918), 16th VT INF

Higley, William Merrick, (1829-1899), 8th VT INF

Hill, Herbert E., (1845-1892), 8th VT INF

Houghton, Bradley Jr., (1835-1909), 8th VT INF

Houghton, Charles E., (1839-1881), 8th VT INF

Houghton, Edward T., (1842-1909), USN

Hovey, Marcus A., (1846-1864), 1st VT CAV

Howard, George, (1845-0), 8th VT INF

Jenks, Charles E., (1845-1864), 8th VT INF

Jenks, Ebenezer Nims, (1823-0), 118th NY INF

Johnson, Delevan C., (1844-1897), 16th VT INF

Johnson, Luther R., (1846-1933), 8th VT INF

Kelsey, George P., (1842-1876), 16th VT INF

Kelsey, John A., (1838-1920), 16th VT INF, 20th MA INF

Knapp, Clark Asaph, (1840-1927), 2nd MA HARTY

Lockwood, George H., (1825-1895), 7th IA CAV

Lynde, William W., (1829-1885), 8th VT INF

Mather, Charles D., (1847-1928), 3rd VT LARTY

May, Amos L., (1829-1887), 1st NH HARTY

Monday, James, (1842-0), 16th VT INF

Morgan, Roswell W., (1827-1878), 4th VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY

Nichols, Park V., (1839-1896), 2nd NY VET CAV

O'Brien, Felix, (1842-0), 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF

Olds, Edson Baldwin, (1802-1869), Congressman

Phetteplace, Herbert H., (1845-1933), 8th VT INF, 8th MA INF

Phinney, Detroit, (1834-1904), 8th VT INF

Pierce, Walter W., (1845-1864), 8th VT INF

Plummer, George F., (1844-1915), 8th VT INF

Pratt, Edward Luman, (1822-1899), 34th MA INF

Prouty, Amos, (1815-1906), 27th IL INF

Prouty, Harvey, (1836-1906), 8th VT INF

Quinn, Charles Elihu, (1845-1926), 31st MA INF

Root, Frederick W., (1825-1918), 10th VT INF

Seymour, William H., (1816-1896), USN, 4th VT INF

Smith, Amos F., (1831-1864), 8th VT INF

Stearns, Addison E., (1841-1863), 16th VT INF

Sweetland, Artemas Washburn, (1835-1864), 2nd VT INF, 20th MA INF

Thayer, James Hervey, (1833-1864), 12th WI INF

Tilley, David O., (1843-1887), 8th VT INF, 46th MA INF

Vaille, Henry Robert, (1809-1885), 12th MA INF

Warren, Dana, (1839-1875), 16th VT INF

Welch, Hendrick C., (1820-1864), 6th VT INF

Whitaker, Foster S., (1838-1914), 8th VT INF

Whitney, Porter J., (1840-1863), 8th VT INF

Winchester, Hiram C., (1836-1911), 16th VT INF

Worden, Alfred S., (1840-1886), 8th VT INF

Worden, Francis N., (1843-1862), 8th VT INF

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