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Soldiers credited to Stamford, VT

(See also: Born in Stamford -- Credited to Stamford, -- Buried in Stamford, -- Buried in Vermont, -- Buried in other states -- Not located since. -- Select another town to review)

The term 'credited to' is listed in the 1892 Revised Roster, and does not necessarily reflect birth or residency. For veterans who served in other units, this will be their place of birth as well as credit (irrespective of the town in the other state they enlisted in).

Ainsworth, Jefferson F., (1823-1896), 8th VT INF

Bangs, Ambrose Augustus, (1831-1920), 96th IL INF

Barry, Thomas, (1832-1864), 14th VT INF

Bates, Frankford H., (1839-1911), 8th VT INF

Bemis, Joseph S., (1830-1865), 33rd MA INF

Blanchard, Daniel S., (1833-1895), 27th MA INF

Bliss, Abel C., (1841-1894), 52nd MA INF

Bridges, David A., (1832-0), 112th NY INF

Brown, Amos J., (1840-1881), 2nd VT INF

Brown, Charles N., (1843-1920), 2nd VT INF

Brown, Henry T., (1829-1900), 31st MA INF

Brown, Wright H., (1837-1912), 14th VT INF

Butterfly, Charles, (1842-1917), 7th VT INF

Canedy, Simeon, (1845-1902), 8th VT INF, 31st MA INF

Carr, Martin V. B., (1838-1915), 104th NY INF

Church, Erastus D., (1845-1920), 8th VT INF

Clough, John, (1840-1861), 2nd VT INF

Clough, Warren, (1844-0), 2nd VT INF, VRC

Cook, Arthur, (1840-1906), 96th IL INF

Crozier, George L., (1840-0), 2nd VT INF

Deuso, John, (0-1864), 31st MA INF

Estes, Jared, (1832-1911), 8th VT INF, VRC

Fuller, Lewis P., (1812-1905), 14th VT INF

Goodrich, Albert E., (1846-1912), 7th VT INF

Harris, Eseck Jr., (0-1864), Recruit

Harris, Henry Knight, (1838-1929), 10th MA INF

Harris, James, (1836-1892), 8th IL CAV

Harris, William, (1834-1910), 15th IL INF, 8th IL CAV

Hewitt, Wiley, (1818-1888), 8th VT INF

Horton, Charles Eugene, (1844-1918), 2nd VT INF

Horton, George D., (1846-1915), 2nd VT INF

Horton, Henry A., (1846-1948), 2nd VT INF, 31st MA INF

Johnson, Milo, (1846-1863), 14th VT INF

Kesler, Michael, (1846-1930), 21st NY CAV

Lake, Albert L., (1846-1915), 69th IL INF, 52nd iL INF

Lake, George Merritt, (1841-1893), 36th IL INF

Lanfair, Henry C., (1839-1881), 2nd VT INF, VRC

Lanfair, John D., (1844-1863), 14th VT INF

Lee, Albert M., (1840-1902), 31st MA INF

Lee, Alfred A., (1845-1935), 8th VT INF

Lee, Anson W., (1832-1908), 8th VT INF

Lesure, Russell E., (1838-1930), 2nd VT INF

Mack, Orison M., (1847-1904), 8th VT INF

Mack, William H. H., (1846-1915), 8th VT INF

Mallett, Julius, (1838-1862), 2nd VT INF

Matteson, Albert Norton, (1846-1906), 2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, VRC

Matteson, Oscar Johnson, (1839-1922), 2nd VT INF, VRC

McElwain, Oscar A., (1845-1930), 28th IA INF

Meacham, William E., (1832-0), 14th VT INF

Millard, John Ward, (1825-1902), 14th VT INF

Morrissey, Patrick, (1839-1913), 1st VT CAV

Nichols, William B., (1821-1892), 2nd VT INF

Niles, Brownell, (1831-1898), 2nd VT INF

Norcross, Josiah Walter, (1843-1863), 2nd VT INF

Plumb, George E., (1841-1906), 2nd VT INF

Pratt, Norman Orlando, (1841-1884), 96th IL INF

Raymond, Homer W., (1841-1862), 31st MA INF

Reagan, John, (1845-1901), 1st VT CAV

Richardson, George W., (1838-1862), 4th VT INF

Richardson, Henry A., (1844-1864), 2nd VT INF

Richardson, Silas W., (1842-1902), 2nd VT INF, VRC

Ryan, Norman H., (1846-1909), 2nd VT INF

Seeger, George, (1819-0), 2nd VT INF

Seeger, Henry G., (1843-1923), 2nd VT INF

Smart, Elisha, (1824-1862), 10th MA INF

Stafford, Chauncey Jr., (1841-1909), 34th MA INF

Stafford, John Alonzo, (1843-1926), 10th VT INF

Strope, Joseph C., (1834-1899), 10th VT INF

Stroud, Sylvanus, (1844-1917), 8th MA INF

Sullivan, Patrick, (1835-1907), 1st VT CAV

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