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Soldiers born in/credited to Fletcher, VT, and buried in outside Vermont

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Bickford, George Washington (1842-1928), 6th VT INF -- Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Artesian, SD

Bingham, Charles W. (1842-1918), 2nd VT INF -- Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY

Blair, Charles R. (1838-0), 2nd VT INF -- Oak Grove Cemetery, Eyota, MN

Blake, Cyrus Oscar (1839-1917), USN -- Park Cemetery, Carthage, MO

Braley, John (1830-1913), 6th VT INF -- Togus National Cemetery, Togus, ME

Brown, Daniel C. (1841-1864), 17th VT INF -- Danville National Cemetery, Danville, VA

Butler, Erastus Darwin (1843-1908), 13th VT INF -- Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, CA

Carroll, Charles Michael (1844-1928), 11th VT INF -- Mount Calvary Cemetery, Roslindale, MA

Case, Jerome Bonaparte (1816-1891), 2nd VT INF -- Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Case, Jerome Bonaparte Jr. (1841-1863), 8th VT INF -- Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Chase, Charles B. (1845-1864), 11th VT INF -- Probably buried in an unmarked grave, , VA

Chase, James Francis (1837-1863), 154th NY INF -- Gettysburg National Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA

Chase, Walter (1843-0), 2nd VT INF, 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS -- Fitch Cemetery, Ischua, NY

Clark, Seth L. (1843-1913), 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF -- Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Fiske, Addison W. (1837-1910), USN, 25th MA INF -- Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA

Fleming, Luke P. (1828-1914), 13th VT INF -- Oak Hill Cemetery, Central City, IA

Fulton, Horatio P. (1841-1862), 9th VT INF -- Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Fulton, Robert Nero (1828-1906), 2nd VT INF -- Four Corners Cemetery, Goshen, NH

Goodrich, Homer E. (1843-1912), 3rd VT INF -- Mountain View Cemetery, Troy, NH

Hull, Zura J. (1843-1863), 9th VT INF -- Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA

Kingsley, Silas (1846-1864), 1st VT CAV -- Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA

Kinsley, Jason W. (1833-1903), 1st IA CAV -- Council Hill Cemetery, Monona, IA

Law, John F. (1823-1903), 2nd USSS, 1st US VETCORPS -- Edgewood Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Maine, Robert (1842-1864), 6th VT INF -- Loudon Park National Cemetery, Baltimore, MD

Montague, Hollis R. (1841-1928), 2nd VT INF -- Handley Cemetery, Fort Worth, TX

Montague, Ira W. (1832-1913), 1st MI ENGRS -- Ithaca Cemetery, Ithaca, MI

Newman, John (1844-1917), 11th VT INF -- Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA

Nichols, Elijah Dewey (1808-1868), 15th MA INF, VRC -- North Brookfield Cemetery, North Brookfield, MA

Platt, Alender B. (1844-1908), 1st MO SS, 66th IL INF, 19th WI INF -- Mound Cemetery, Racine, WI

Potter, Hubert M. (1844-1915), 9th VT INF, USA -- South Lyndeborough Cemetery, Lyndeborough, NH

Read, Chauncey (1827-1893), 14th WI INF, 48th USCI -- Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Reed, Chauncey (1827-1893), 14th WI INF, 48th USCT -- Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Reed, Cheney (1827-1916), 25th WI INF -- Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery, King, WI

Reed, Philander W. (1842-1864), 2nd VT INF -- Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Reynolds, Hollis (1840-1913), 6th VT INF -- Reynolds Cemetery, Burnham, ME

Rood, Vernon Dudley (1842-1906), 2nd VT INF, VRC -- Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA

Scott, Jefferson (1805-1868), USN -- Walnut Grove Cemetery, North Brookfield, MA

Searle, John E. (1837-1864), 3rd VT INF -- Loudon Park National Cemetery, Baltimore, MD

Shepardson, Zeno (1834-1916), 2nd VT INF -- Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, KS

Slater, William (0-1908), 2nd VT INF -- Oak Hill Cemetery, Plattsmouth, NE

Spaulding, Charles (1842-1910), 2nd VT INF, VRC -- Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

St. John, Francis (1845-1911), 5th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS, VRC -- St. Michaels Cemetery, Springfield, MA

Taylor, John (1834-1884), 10th VT INF -- St. Johns Cemetery, Worcester, MA

Warren, Amos (1814-1883), 2nd VT INF -- Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Mechanicsville, VA

Webster, Samuel Herman (1831-1901), 23rd WI INF -- Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, WI

Wheeler, John C. (1833-1891), 22nd MA INF, Corps D'Afrique -- Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, MA

White, Asa (1832-1890), 15th MI INF -- Riverside Cemetery, Vassar, MI

Wilcox, Zachary Taylor (1847-1926), 1st VT CAV -- Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City, NV

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