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Soldiers born in/credited to Berkshire, VT, Status Unknown

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Block, Joseph (1845-0), 17th VT INF

Bruyea, Frank (1845-1913), 5th VT INF

Cantell, John (1844-0), 1st VT CAV

Chaplin, Roswell A. (1829-1897), 13th VT INF

Chatsey, Job Luke (1841-0), 5th VT INF

Dickens, William T. (1846-1905), 17th VT INF

Dorsey, John (1846-0), 5th VT INF

Eldridge, George W. (1835-0), 11th VT INF, 81st PA INF

Gott, Hazen (0-1864), 1st VT CAV

Himes, Stephen V. (1843-0), 5th VT INF

Hix, Lewis Almon (1845-1893), 13th VT INF

Holt, Simon D. (1843-1862), 5th VT INF

Janes, William S. (1832-0), 5th VT INF

Jeffords, Harrison S. (1840-1862), 5th VT INF

Jenne, Hannibal S. (1841-1864), 1st VT CAV

Jenne, Samuel F. (1828-0), 2nd VT INF, VRC

Johnson, Daniel Jr. (1841-1864), 9th VT INF

Jones, George W. (1835-0), 11th VT INF, 81st PA INF

Keyes, Ezra (1839-0), 13th VT INF

Lature, Charles (1836-0), 10th VT INF

Manosh, Frank (1844-0), 11th VT INF

Marcott, Elexis (1841-0), 15th NH INF

Parmenter, Obadiah L. (1831-1863), 4th VT INF

Peacock, Smith J. (1840-1863), 10th VT INF

Purinton, James (1845-0), 17th VT INF

Riley, Thomas D. (1822-0), 10th VT INF

Sager, Zeri S. (1838-1861), 1st NH INF, 3rd NH INF

Smith, Zadock (1826-1863), 106th NY INF

Snay, Frank (1841-0), 1st VT CAV

Stone, Lyman H. (1823-0), USV

Traxean, David (1833-1864), 5th VT INF

Winters, Herman S. (1845-1900), 16th NY CAV

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