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Soldiers born in/credited to Chester, VT, Status Unknown

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Atwood, Alfred (1827-0), 2nd NY INF

Bergen, John (1819-0), 6th VT INF

Boyd, Robert (1846-0), 17th VT INF

Brown, James (1842-0), 4th VT INF

Bryant, Lewis A. (1843-1864), 4th VT INF

Buckley, John M. (0-0), 6th VT INF, 1st VT CAV

Bullard, Ryland N. (1833-1864), 3rd VT INF

Chapman, Warren H. (1839-1864), 6th VT INF

Cobb, James H. (1837-0), 4th VT INF

Cook, Jesse (1843-0), 4th VT INF

Cook, Palmedus F. (1847-1905), 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF

Corliss, James F. (1841-1862), 1st VT INF, 6th VT INF

Cowin, Robert (1842-0), 17th VT INF

Farrar, Andrew J. (1815-0), 16th VT INF

Fletcher, Lucius C. (1841-1908), 4th VT INF

Fuller, George W. (1837-0), 118th NY INF

Garlock, James (1839-0), 4th US CAV

Gessner, John (1840-0), 17th VT INF

Hadley, Hiland (1843-0), 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF

Hall, Hiram F. (1832-1913), USN, 16th VT INF

Higgins, Bernard (1837-0), 3rd VT INF

Kelley, Luke (1845-0), 1st VT CAV

Lord, John H. (1846-1906), 17th VT INF, VRC

Lynch, Michael (0-1864), 1st VT CAV

Miller, James (1832-0), 7th VT INF

Moore, George (1836-0), 17th VT INF

Noyes, Annas C. (1839-1862), 6th VT INF

O'Brien, Michael (0-0), USMC

Parker, Nathan (1821-0), 6th VT INF

Pelkey, Moses (0-1864), 2nd VT INF

Powers, Alexander (1846-1913), USMC, 17th VT INF

Smith, George S. (1842-0), 11th MA INF

Smith, Michael (1842-0), 4th VT INF

Stone, Nelson (1844-0), 1st VT CAV

Strong, Augustus B. (1843-1861), 4th VT INF

Tilton, James S. (1829-0), 17th VT INF

Tyrell, William M. (1836-1863), 16th VT INF

Walker, Wyman S. (1817-0), 6th VT INF

Williams, Davis (1843-1865), 17th VT INF

Witherell, James D. (1822-1862), 4th VT INF

Wood, Lyman G. (1835-1912), 16th VT INF

Young, Edward (1828-0), 8th VT INF

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