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Soldiers born in/credited to Landgrove, VT, and buried elsewhere in Vermont

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Allen, Hiram H. (1848-1916) 2nd VT INF -- Hinsdillville Cemetery, Bennington, VT

Bolster, Alfred (1832-1912) 16th VT INF -- Maple Grove Cemetery, Wallingford, VT

Childs, Alfred (1838-1914) 16th VT INF -- Riverside Cemetery, Londonderry, VT

Davis, Orzando (1842-1915) 16th VT INF -- Veterans Home Cemetery, Bennington, VT

Gilligan, Edward (0-0) 13th NY HARTY -- Riverside Cemetery, Londonderry, VT

Jenkins, Amos L. (1837-1916) 8th VT INF -- Factory Point Cemetery, Manchester, VT

Pease, Silas H. (1825-1883) 2nd VT INF, VRC -- Maple Grove Cemetery, Weston, VT

Peck, Henry H. (1844-1915) 2nd VT INF -- Hartford Point Cemetery, Hartford, VT

Sheldon, Warren J. (1839-1906) 14th VT INF -- Glebe View Cemetery, Londonderry, VT

Sherwin, Winfield Scott (1841-1869) 98th NY INF -- Greenwood Cemetery, Bristol, VT

Sischo, Perley D. (1839-1901) 12th VT INF -- Old Westminster Cemetery, Westminster, VT

Snell, Amos Mason (1838-1919) 16th VT INF -- Cavendish Village Cemetery, Cavendish, VT

Spencer, Wilber F. (1845-1865) 11th VT INF -- Miltonboro Cemetery, Milton, VT

Thomson, John A. (1844-1938) 8th VT INF -- Riverside Cemetery, Londonderry, VT

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