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Soldiers born in/credited to Marlboro, VT, and buried elsewhere in Vermont

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Adams, George Henry (1848-1923) 2nd USSS -- Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, VT

Bartlett, Justin (1815-1888) 8th VT INF -- Cutting Cemetery, Whitingham, VT

Bellows, Franklin (1821-1864) 8th VT INF -- Heartwellville Cemetery, Readsboro, VT

Bishop, George Isaac (1843-1920) 8th VT INF -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

Bryant, Joseph C. (1845-1864) 8th VT INF -- Fairview Cemetery, Wardsboro, VT

Charter, King D. (1825-1886) 2nd VT INF -- South Newfane-Branch Road Cemetery, Newfane, VT

Cheney, Harry (1823-1901) 10th VT INF -- Lakeview Cemetery, Westmore, VT

Davis, Leander (1826-1865) 10th VT INF -- Meeting House Cemetery, Burke, VT

Higley, Elliott John (1842-1918) 8th VT INF -- Christ Church Cemetery, Guilford, VT

Hill, Alvah E. (1806-1873) 14th VT INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Arlington, VT

Hovey, Marcus A. (1846-1864) 1st VT CAV -- West Waterford Cemetery, Waterford, VT

Kelsey, John A. (1838-1920) 16th VT INF, 20th MA INF -- South Newfane-Branch Road Cemetery, Newfane, VT

Learned, Thomas J. (1836-1863) 2nd VT INF -- Village Cemetery, Readsboro, VT

Mather, Charles D. (1847-1928) 3rd VT LARTY -- Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier, VT

Prouty, Elias Spencer (1825-1909) 8th VT INF -- Prouty Cemetery, Halifax, VT

Prouty, Harvey (1836-1906) 8th VT INF -- Woodmont Cemetery, Burke, VT

Stearns, Addison E. (1841-1863) 16th VT INF -- West Brattleboro Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

Thomas, Ira W. (1840-1863) 16th VT INF -- Houghton Cemetery, Stamford, VT

Warren, Dana (1839-1875) 16th VT INF -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

Whitaker, Foster S. (1838-1914) 8th VT INF -- Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfane, VT

Winchester, Hiram C. (1836-1911) 16th VT INF -- Meeting House Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

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