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Soldiers born in/credited to Stamford, VT, and buried elsewhere in Vermont

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Ainsworth, Jefferson F. (1823-1896) 8th VT INF -- Ainsworth-North-Bradish Cemetery, Woodbury, VT

Aldrich, Francis H. (1844-1903) 11th VT INF -- Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, VT

Atherton, Lorenzo D. (1839-1900) 1st VT CAV -- Morgan-Towslee Memorial Cemetery, Pownal, VT

Bates, Frankford H. (1839-1911) 8th VT INF -- Summer Hill Cemetery, Springfield, VT

Briggs, Eli (1843-1924) 16th VT INF -- Village Cemetery, Bennington, VT

Briggs, Erastus Allen (1836-1911) 16th VT INF -- City Cemetery, Woodford, VT

Burrington, William (1843-1871) 14th VT INF -- Pownal Center Cemetery, Pownal, VT

Day, Henry A. (1842-1864) 17th VT INF -- Niles Cemetery, Halifax, VT

Mack, Orison M. (1847-1904) 8th VT INF -- Main Street Cemetery, Hardwick, VT

Mack, William H. H. (1846-1915) 8th VT INF -- Main Street Cemetery, Hardwick, VT

Parker, Hiram (1829-1915) 31st MA INF -- Village Cemetery, Bennington, VT

Plumb, George E. (1841-1906) 2nd VT INF -- Sadawga Cemetery, Whitingham, VT

Richardson, Silas W. (1842-1902) 2nd VT INF, VRC -- Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

Stafford, John Alonzo (1843-1926) 10th VT INF -- Meeting House Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT

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