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Soldiers born in/credited to Westfield, VT, and buried elsewhere in Vermont

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Bapp, Paul Edward (1838-1909) 11th VT INF -- Sanderson Corners Cemetery, Fairfax, VT

Bean, Isaac (1844-1921) 17th VT INF -- Evergreen Cemetery, Troy, VT

Bedell, Henry Edson (1836-1911) 11th VT INF -- East Main Street Cemetery, Newport, VT

Bedell, Moody Clarance (1842-1933) 11th VT INF -- Hartford Point Cemetery, Hartford, VT

Bowman, Edwin N. (1830-1895) 1st VT CAV -- Elmwood Cemetery, Barre, VT

Deblois, Timothy (1826-1907) 11th VT INF -- Old Catholic Cemetery, Lowell, VT

Dow, Amherst W. (1827-1913) 11th VT INF -- Village Cemetery, Montgomery, VT

Edwards, Lott (1842-1915) 5th VT INF -- Pleasant View Cemetery, Orleans, VT

Gibson, John C. (1831-1910) 17th VT INF -- Troy Cemetery, Troy, VT

Goddard, Danfield (1836-1879) 5th VT INF, VRC -- Old Catholic Cemetery, Lowell, VT

Goddard, Joseph (1846-1927) 15th VT INF, 11th VT INF -- St. Ignatius Cemetery, Lowell, VT

Grow, Jerome H. (1840-1923) 1st VT CAV -- Plains Cemetery, Westford, VT

Kelley, John (1836-1919) 5th VT INF, 15th VT INF -- Jay Center Cemetery, Jay, VT

Kendall, Fletcher R. (1844-1916) 6th VT INF, 11th VT INF -- Coventry Center Cemetery, Coventry, VT

Kenney, George M. (1845-1917) 17th VT INF -- Highland Cemetery, Chelsea, VT

Laplant, Charles (1838-1921) 11th VT INF -- Old Catholic Cemetery, Lowell, VT

Marett, Flavius (1845-1912) 11th VT INF -- Lyndon Center Cemetery, Lyndon, VT

Marsh, Zelora (1847-1939) 11th VT INF -- Westlook Cemetery, Glover, VT

Martin, John Jr. (1848-1902) 2nd VT INF -- Old Catholic Cemetery, Lowell, VT

McGee, Ammon S. (1840-1897) 5th VT INF -- Church Street Cemetery, Swanton, VT

Morey, Norman E. (1837-1869) 3rd VT INF, 1st NH INF -- Summer Hill Cemetery, Springfield, VT

Pike, Alphonzo (1843-1908) 2nd VT LARTY -- Village Cemetery, Concord, VT

Rogers, Alvin G. (1836-1912) 17th VT INF -- Hillside Cemetery, Richford, VT

Sherlow, Miles (1840-1917) 9th VT INF -- Newport Center Cemetery, Newport, VT

Thomas, Henry H. (1840-1901) 5th VT INF -- Mountain View Cemetery, Waterville, VT

Thresher, Horace W. (1841-1931) 11th VT INF -- Northfield Falls Cemetery, Northfield, VT

Thurber, Enos W. (1838-1862) 5th VT INF -- Woodmont Cemetery, Burke, VT

Willey, George A. (1842-1909) 11th VT INF, 20th ME INF -- Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT

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