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Revised Roster of Vermonter Volunteers
And lists of Vermonters Who Served
In the Army and Navy of the United States
During the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866.

The files below are PDF extracts from the 1892 Revised Roster, broken down by topic, instead of one large (50mb) file. For that reason, they don't exactly follow the Table of Contents in the printed version of the book.

When viewed, whether in your browser or externally with Adobe Acrobat, they are searchable.

Introduction (pp. iii-vii, 1)
(Report, Contents and Abbreviations

Vermont Units

Artillery [625-654]
1st Brigade Band [740]
1st Cavalry [214-266]
Frontier Cavalry [650-662]
1st Infantry [5-26]
2nd Infantry [27-66]
3rd Infantry [67-105]
4th Infantry [106-141]
5th Infantry [142-176]
6th Infantry [177-213]
7th Infantry [267-298]
8th Infantry [299-337]
9th Infantry [338-378]]
10th Infantry [379-408]
11th Infantry [409-455]
12th Infantry [456-477]
13th Infantry [478-501]
14th Infantry [502-523]
15th Infantry [524-544]
16th Infantry [545-567]
17th Infantry [568-597]
Sharpshooters [598-624]
Unassigned Recruits [670-675]
Unassigned Recruits (not indexed) [770-771]

THE three years Vermont regiments had sent them, later in the war, a large number of drafted or newly enlisted men who never reached them or joined any organization, and whose names do not appear on the muster rolls of any company. They were recruits, many of whom enlisted under assumed names for the sole purpose of receiving large town and government bounties, with no intention of joining any command, and who deserted on the first opportunity offered. This list should not be confounded with that of the Unassigned Recruits on pages 670-675, whose records show death in the service or honorable discharge, these names having been dropped from that list, as they deserted almost immediately. The names of these deserters will not appear in the Index.


Veteran Reserve Corps [668-669]
Adjutant, Quartermaster and Surgeon Generals [744-746]
General Officers from Vermont [747-751]
General and Staff Officers and other States [722-732]
(Includes Vermonters who held commissions in Iowa Regiments)

Wartime Governors [742-743]

Vermonters who served as officers [676]
in USA, USN, USCT, VRC, as General or Staff Officers,
and in Organizations from Other States

U.S. Army

Army officers [677-682]
Army Recruits [684]
Vermonters who transferred to the U.S. Army [685-686]

U.S. Navy/Marine Corps

Intoduction [687-689]
Navy/Marine Corps Officers [690-695]
Enlisted Sailors/Marines [699-710]
List of Navel Vessels [696-698]

U.S. Colored Troops (USCT)

Introduction [711-716]
USCT Officers [717-721]
54th Massachusetts (Colored) [662-665]
And Miscellaneaous Colored Recruits, Substitutes and Representative Recruits

National Cemeteries [752-769]

Records Amended, Unaccounted for and Errata [772-773]

Index [777-863]