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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

The EIGHTH REGIMENT, which, at the commencement of the year was stationed at and near New Orleans, was removed in December to Brashear City, constituted a part of the force, which moved under the command of Maj. Gen. Banks, from that place to Alexandria, upon the Red River, and thence to Port Hudson, was a p art of the besieging force at that place until its surrender, was moved from thence to Thibodeaux, La., and now constitutes a part of the force which has been detached for service in Texas. At the date of their last report, they were at Brashear City, La.

In the expedition from Brashear City to Alexandria, and during the siege of Port Hudson, the regiment behaved most gallantly, and won for itself the reputation, which has distinguished Vermont troops, whenever brought into action. They constituted a part of the assaulting force on the 27th of May, and again on the 14th of June, and were distinguished for their unflinching bravery. The casualties during the siege were Killed 24, Wounded 120, Missing 2. I annex copies of the reports of Lieut. Col. Charles Dillingham, who commanded the regiment.

Of 137 men who fell into the hands of the enemy in the disastrous affair at Bayou des Allemands, on the 4th of September, 1862, seven enlisted were shot by the rebels, at that place, as deserters, on the 23d of October, four died at Vicksburg, two were held as hostages, two were held as deserters, and 122, with their officers, were paroled. I do not learn that any inquiry has been made into the circumstances attending the shooting of the seven men, although talk was had at the time about retaliation. They were all enlisted as New Orleans.

Lieut. Col. Edward M. Brown resigned December 23, 1862, and Major Dillingham was appointed Lieut. Colonel, and Capt. Luman A. Grout, of Company A, was appointed Major. Major Grout resigned, June 11, 1863, and Capt. Henry F. Dutton, of Company H, was appointed Major.

The following is the Roster of the Commissioned Officers of the Regiment at the present time.


Casualties reported since June 1, 1863.

Major Luman M. Grout resigned June 11, 1863.

Capt. Henry E. Foster, Co. C, resigned August 15, 1863.

First Lieut. Stephen F. Spaulding, Co. B, killed in action, June 14, 1863.

First Lieut. Joshua C. Morse, Co. I, resigned July 10, 1863.

First Lieut. George F. French, Co. K, resigned, June 21, 1863.

Second Lieut. Frederick J. Fuller, Co. C, discharged by order of Court Martial, June 2, 1863.

The casualties among enlisted men, reported since Nov. 1, 1862, have been as follows:--Died 132, Discharged 106.

The following Table shows the condition and station of the Regiment at the several dates specified.

(see Legend, below)


Nov. 30 62Brashear City, Lou.7476221058 12
Dec. 31 62do7356565310115
Jan. 31, 63Camp Stevens, Lou.7286296622 11
Feb. 28, *Brashear CIty, Lou.82771399825
April 1, "Bayou Boeuf, Lou.8096741196 10
April 30, "in field near Opelousas, Lou.7925811881814
May 31, "In field before Port Hudson, Lou.77251123913 9
June 30, "do7324352878 2
July 31, "Thibodeaux, Lou.71944625220 1
Aug. 31, "do671492162962


A - Date
B - Station
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement

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