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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

The ELEVENTH REGIMENT was changed, by special order of the War Department, December 10, 1862, to Heavy Artillery, and has been stationed, during the year, at Washington, D. C., occupying Forts Slocum, Totten and Stevens. The regiment has had no active service, but has performed much heavy labor in constructing intrenchments. There has been no change in the Field Officers.

The returns from this regiment have been full and accurate, and made very promptly; copies of the periodical muster rolls have been regularly forwarded to this office, which have enabled me to keep the records of the regiment correct at all times.

The following is the Roster of the Commissioned Officers of the regiment at the present time.


Casualties reported since June 1, 1863.

Surgeon Charles W. B. Kidder resigned Sept. 10, 1863.

Quartermaster Alfred W. Carlton, promoted capt. in Commissary Department, March 1863.

Capt. John Hunt, Co. E, resigned Aug. 10, 1863.

Capt. James D. Rich, Co. H, resigned July 30, 1863.

First Lieut. Nixon Morse, Co. F, resigned Aug. 4, 1863.

Second Lieut. Charles h. Smith, Co. B, deserted June 8, 1863; dismissed, July 25, 1863.

The casualties among enlisted men, reported since Nov. 1, 1862, have been as follows:--Died 30, Discharged 66.

The following Table shows the station and condition of the regiment at the several dates specified.

(see Legend, below)


Nov. 1, 62Washington, D. C.9928571261 8
Dec. 1 62do9788381351 4
Jan. 1 63do964798157  9
Feb. 1, "do9557591791115
Mar. 1, "do9427102156110
April 1, "do92067318832225
May 1, "do90672112837218
May 31 "do9027538537225
June 30, "do8967231431326
Aug 31, "do9988401342220


A - Date
B - Station
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement

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