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State Quartermaster Reports

1863 Report

Report of the Vermont Quartermaster General
for the year ending October 1, 1863.

Summary of Articles of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores on hand.

Springfield Rifles,2,603
Springfield Rifle Bayonets,676
Austrian Rifles,50
Austrian Rifle Bayonets,60
Richmond Rifle Bayonets,7
New Haven Rifle Bayonets,1
Steel Bayonet Scabbards,1,900
Non-Commissioned Officers' and Musicians' Should Belts and Plates,140
Cartridge Boxes,2,694
Cartridge Box Plates,2,540
Cartridge Box Belts,2,199
Cartridge Box Belt Plates,2,258
Bayonet Scabbards,793
Waist Belts,2,790
Waist Belt Plates,2,645
Non-Commissioned Officers' Swords,100
Musicians' Swords,60
Sergeants' and Musicians' Waist Belts,160
Sergeants' and Musicians' Waist Belt Plates,140
Gun Slings,2,304
Spring Vises,201
Percussion Cap Boxes,2,587
Extra Cones,2,249
Screw Drivers and cone Wrenches,2,661
Ball Screws,345
Wormers and Wipers,2,372
Tumbler Punches,448
Main Springs,557
Sear Springs,534
Tumbler Screws,526
Ordnance Form Book,1

Source: Report of the Quarter-Master General of the State of Vermont, for the year ending October 1, 1863, (Freeman Printing Establishment, Montpelier, 1863), p. 11.