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State Quartermaster Reports

1863 Report

Report of the Vermont Quartermaster General
for the year ending October 1, 1863.

Summary of Articles of Clothing, Camp and
Garrison Equipages on hand:

Great Coats,1,921
Infantry Frock Coats,2,137
Unlined Blouses,2,147
Infantry Trousers,2,094
Forage Caps,2,674
Bootees, pairs of,1,942
Wool Socks,4,032
Wool Blankets,2,276
Rubber Blankets,1,904
Lined Blouses,2
Chevrons, Hospital Stewards, pairs of,2
Chevrons, First Sergeants, pairs of,20
Chevrons, Sergeants, pairs of,80
Chevrons, Corporals, pairs of,168
Blue Lace, half inch, yards,180
Blue Lace, 1 1-2 inches, yards,751
Crimson Lace, 1 1-2 inches, yards17 1/2
Cap Letters,2,000
Over Coat Straps,3,816
Wall Tents and flies,20
Wall Tent Pins,200
Wall Tent Poles, sets of20
Common "A" Tents,320
Common Tent Pins,3,480
Common Tent Poles, sets of,320
Camp Kettles,266
Mess Pans,789
Axe Handles,267
hatchet Handles,267
Pick Axes,265
Pick Axe Handles,265
National Flags,2
Regimental Flag and Belt,1
Camp Colors,13
Drums and Cases,23
Extra Drum Heads,12
Drum Slings,19
Drum Sticks, pairs of,24
Drum Stick Carriages,20
Bugles with Cords and Tassels,2
Sergeants' Sashes,30
Great Coats, Cavalry,147
Trowsers, Cavalry147
Hats trimmed for Artillery,147
Artillery Jackets,147
Leather Stocks,147
Cavalry Boots, Sewed, pairs of,147
Sergeants' Metallic Scales,8
Privates' metallic Scales,139
Scarlet Lace, 1 1-2 inches, yards,22
Scarlet Lace, half inch, yards,33
Artillery Chevrons, 1st Sergeants, pairs,1
Artillery Chevrons, Quartermaster Sergeants, pairs,1
Artillery Chevrons, Sergeants, pairs,6
Artillery Chevrons, Corporals, pairs,12

Source: Report of the Quarter-Master General of the State of Vermont, for the year ending October 1, 1863, (Freeman Printing Establishment, Montpelier, 1863), pp. 13-14.